What to Look for When Buying Shutters for a Curved Bay Window?


Shutters for a Curved Bay Window

Some of you are lucky enough to own a home built in the 19th century or have even faithfully built a beautiful modern-day replica. If so, you will be the proud owner of original or reproduction bay windows. These are some of the reasons why homeowners are incredibly fond of houses from this era. There is no more hospitable sight than a curved bay window glowing with a welcoming light in the evening.

Bay windows are not only associated with period properties. They can also be found incorporated into contemporary structures and modern-era business and office premises. One of the key benefits of having bay windows is that they project out from the main wall of the building, and this provides the interior with more space.

The Difference Between Bay Windows and Curved Bay Windows

Bay Windows

There are two significant differences between an ordinary bay window and a curved bay window (also called a bow window). Whereas a bay window has three openings or facets angled around the projection, a curved bay window has four or even five gently curved facets angled around.

The overall structure of a bay window is made up of a center picture window with two, often smaller, windows on either side. A curved bay window has a rounder appearance than a standard bay window because of the multifaceted window fronts angle around for a smoother outward look. They are also known in the building trade as four-lite and five-lite bow windows.

If you are looking to buy shutters for a curved bay window or a straight-forward bay window, it is essential to hire the services of an installer who has a lot of experience in dealing with the significant differences of these two designs.

The Perfect Shutters for a Curved Bay Window

Curved Bay Window
Bay windows allow a wonderful amount of sunlight into the room. When you want to buy shutters for a curved bay window, you must first determine how you want the finished result to look. Are you after a minimal look that will bring the shutters close to the wall? Or are you wanting to prioritize being able to keep the natural light out in order to protect your artwork from bleaching?

It is important to ensure that the final design you decide on takes into account the issue of the shutter collision point. Because a curved bay window is set on an angle, the shutters have to be perfectly fit so that there is no overlap. This calls for some very precise measuring, fitting, and installation.


There is a wide selection of materials from which to choose for your curved bay window shutters. Remembering that the shutters will be subject to the outside elements, it is necessary to keep in mind durability and longevity as well as overall aesthetic appeal.

When you have made your choice from solid timber, wood composites, laminate, plastics, and aluminum, you can have a professional come and install beautiful shutters that complement your curved bay windows.

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