What to Do if There is an Accident While Doing DIY at Home

Many thousands of individuals injure themselves at home year in and year out whilst performing work on their houses or backyards. In particular, Summer is a time when those who enjoy taking on DIY projects are actively at work at home and end up injured. Before doing a DIY, you should first know to do list and not to do list. Planning your DIY project is a must if you want to see success at the end, but what is not often planned is an accident! So what should you do if there is an accident while doing DIY at home?

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race, however, this motto is forgotten by those who are keen to get their tasks underway. Safety rules and common sense don’t seem to always win over the ambitions of a DIY enthusiast and that’s when accidents occur. Whether it be a roof that collapses, shoddy electrics or a slip from a ladder, these and many other types of accidents do occur. Slow down, think safety first and more will be achieved in the end.

Call for Help

Call for Help

So what should you do if there is an accident at home? If you or someone at your home is injured then you must call for help. It’s important to ensure you don’t put you or anyone else in danger first before acting. If a live wire is dangling along the pathway to get to a phone then you must choose an alternative course of action. Seek help from a neighbour if you cannot get to a phone yourself. Remaining calm is crucial when responding to any type of minor or major emergency. If the accident is deemed serious enough then an ambulance must be called. If in doubt, always call the ambulance as it’s better to be safe than sorry. It goes without saying that having others around and about the home when working on projects is a good idea incase there is an accident and you need help.

Prevention is Best

Prevention is Best
Accidents do happen but many of them could have been prevented in the first place and that’s what the aim should be for you and your household too. Plan your work, don’t rush, use correct safety equipment and take all the necessary safety precautions that you know you should. Climbing the roof without a harness is a recipe for disaster but one many individuals risk every day. Check your equipment regularly for fraying cords and ensure your home is fitted with circuit breakers to avoid electrocution should a cord be cut or some other electrical accident occur.

Knowledge is Key

Knowledge is Key
Being knowledgeable about the work you’re performing and the tools you’re using is key to your safety. The incorrect tools for the job can put you at risk of injury so be sure not to try to adapt inappropriate machinery to certain tasks. For new equipment ask for a demonstration within the store or attend a free workshop where you can become fully trained in the use of the product. Many leading hardware stores offer free course for DIY projects which cover the tools and their correct use. You’re better off attending a workshop than ending up in emergency for a severed finger because you resisted being a DIY student and instead became a DIY patient!

Lethal Ladders

Ladders are a serious hazard if used incorrectly – indeed they are the cause of the majority of DIY injuries. Although it might be tempting to reach out and lean from a ladder rather than move it continually, it is just not worth the risk of a fall. Falls can cause serious damage, indeed they can be lethal, so act with extreme caution and patience when using ladders. A ladder on a solid foundation is best and any wobbling should be rectified before climbing it. Faulty rungs or hinges are another hazard that ladders are famous for – fix it or throw it out and replace it.

Finally, it’s important to remember that when you take care of yourself when working on your DIY projects remember to take care of others too. Young children and pets are at particular risk of stumbling onto something that could be a risk to them, such as a live cord, machinery that is switched on at the power and even an unattended ladder that looks ever so enticing to a toddler. Keep your work area tidy, plan your work and don’t rush and you’re sure to enjoy the job at hand all the more. And eventually you’ll be able to sit back happily with all your family and friends and admire your handy work and that’s what it’s all for, right?

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