What to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Here is where you spend hours cooking hearty meals that will delight your family and guests. It speaks of your lifestyle, whether you are a heavy coffee drinker, an organized wine enthusiast, a health buff, or an avid baker. To some, spending time in the kitchen is therapeutic. This is why it’s important that your kitchen is more than just a room to cook; it should be inspiring as it is functional.

There’s a good reason why many homeowners are careful when remodeling their kitchen. Small counter space, dangerous floor gaps and a broken stove hinders one’s movements, overall affecting the food they make. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, make sure to read these tips to avoid mistakes that might end up ruining this important room in your home.
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  1. Hire an interior designer onboard. A kitchen remodel is not just small furniture switch. You’d be dealing with appliances, backsplashes, counters, flooring, and many other key elements that will make you cooking experience more worthwhile. Having an expert see your vision and oversee it to the last detail will give you a peace of mind throughout the remodel process.
  2. Know where to splurge. Before you take the dive, scour the market for your kitchen priorities. What are you willing to shell a buck on? You might want to expand your fridge space, add a counter, or change your cabinets. Know what’s on your kitchen wish-list and rank them according to need. Then, consult with your interior designer on how to make things work.
  3. Choose sustainability over trends. You might have seen the new smart appliance in the showroom and it caught your eye. While technological innovations make your life convenient, you don’t need them all the time. What you’d want: an eco-friendly version that helps you keep your utility bills low while performing as efficient as the other appliance. Investing on sustainability reaps more rewards over time.
  4. Smarten up your storage area. Double-sliding shelves, roll-out trays and Lazy Susan will help you organize your essentials more conveniently. Open shelving allows you to put your favorite things on display, which also adds a nice personalized touch on your overall aesthetic.
  5. Delve in the details. Granite countertops and colorful backsplashes offer a treat in the eye, so make sure to go for tiny tidbits that make your kitchen look complete. For flooring, opt for hardwood for that warm look, or porcelain tiles, which look immaculate and are easy to clean.
  6. Keep an eye on the floor plan. Does it follow your natural traffic? Does it make the big three (refrigerator, stove, oven) accessible in a single move? Is the sink too far from the dishwasher? Save money, and movements, by putting the related fixtures close to each other. You don’t want to have too much floor drips and slips while moving around!
  7. Don’t mess with the plumbing. If there’s no reason to move gas and water lines while your kitchen is being reconfigured, leave it as is. It keeps extra dollars in your pockets without derailing your home’s original plan.
  8. Your existing cabinets might work. Don’t be fooled by overly-cosmetic cabinets. If your current storage area works, you can ask your interior designer to breathe new life to it. How? A new door style will give it a fresh look.
  9. Do not scrimp on lighting. Your kitchen’s illumination should allow you to see items clearly, especially as you prepare your food at the latter time of the day. Make sure there’s enough light on your display, on your pantry and just above the bar for a classic effect.

A kitchen remodel is exciting – and life-changing, when done right. With the help of your interior designer, you can transform your kitchen into a place that inspires you to cook and celebrate company every single time.

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