What to Consider When Purchasing Composite Decking


Purchasing Composite Decking 2

Composite decking serves as a robust and favoured alternative to traditional wooden decking, fashioned from a blend of wood fibres and recycled plastics. When in the process of buying composite decking, there are several vital factors that warrant your attention to ensure the optimal choice aligns with your needs and preferences.

Central to the durability and performance of composite decking is its material composition. Seek out composite decking crafted from top-notch materials, including recycled wood fibres paired with high-density polyethylene or polypropylene plastics. These materials are esteemed for their durability, imperviousness to decay, insects, and rot, as well as their low composite decking maintenance. Conversely, avoid composite decking with a substantial proportion of fillers or subpar plastics, as these might yield lesser durability and susceptibility to warping, fading, or mould development.

It is advisable to opt for composite decking brands with an established reputation for quality and dependability. Prioritize brands with a substantial track record and a wealth of positive customer feedback. Undertake research into the brand’s renown concerning product excellence, customer support, and warranty provisions. A well-established brand is more inclined to furnish a dependable and top-quality product that aligns with your anticipations.

Composite decking comes available in an array of board sizes and profiles, prompting the necessity of selecting the one that aligns with your requirements and design inclinations. Gauge the board dimensions, encompassing length, width, and thickness, and how they harmonize with your outdoor area. The board profile, be it grooved or solid, can influence the installation procedure and the ultimate appearance of the decking. Specific profiles are designed for concealed fastening, while others might necessitate screws or clips for installation. Opt for the board dimensions and profile that harmonize best with your design prerequisites and installation predilections.

A diverse palette of colours and finishes characterizes composite decking, affording you the opportunity to tailor the appearance of your outdoor space. Deliberate over the colour and finish alternatives offered by the manufacturer, selecting the one that complements your home’s aesthetics and style. Do bear in mind that darker hues could absorb more sunlight-generated heat, so a judicious choice is recommended if residing in a warm climate. Prioritize composite decking endowed with UV resistance to counteract colour fading over time, ensuring enduring aesthetic appeal.

The manufacturer’s warranty constitutes a pivotal aspect when procuring composite decking. A robust warranty engenders a sense of assurance and safeguards against defects and performance discrepancies. Scrutinize the warranty coverage meticulously, including its duration, scope of coverage, and exclusions. Prioritize warranties that proffer comprehensive protection for a reasonable span. However, keep in mind that the warranty’s value mirrors the manufacturer’s reputation, underscoring the importance of selecting a reputable brand boasting a robust warranty.

Composite decking spans a spectrum of price points, underscoring the necessity of outlining a budget and subsequently opting for a product aligning with your financial parameters. It’s crucial to strike a balance between price and quality, recognizing that higher-priced composite decking might offer superior quality, durability, and performance. Conduct a comparative analysis of prices from diverse manufacturers, factoring in the long-term value of the product, encompassing its durability, upkeep demands, and warranty coverage.

Purchasing Composite Decking 1

Composite Decking Care and Maintenance Tips

Regular Cleaning:

Keep your composite decking clean by sweeping or using a leaf blower to remove debris. Use mild detergent and water to clean dirt and stains. Opt for a pressure washer with low pressure, maintaining a 12-inch distance from the deck.

Gentle Cleaning:

Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach or ammonia, as they can damage the surface. Handle grill mats and cooking equipment carefully to prevent discolouration or stains. Wipe off spills promptly to prevent staining.

Scratch and Stain Prevention:

Shield the deck from scratches caused by furniture or pots using pads or coasters. Be cautious with grill mats to prevent discolouration or stains.

Regular Inspection:

Check for damage such as cracks, chips, or splintering. Address issues promptly. Small damage can often be repaired with a kit, while larger problems may require board replacement.

Preventing Fading:

Choose UV-resistant products to prevent fading and discolouration caused by sunlight and high temperatures. Apply a deck sealer or stain to maintain colour.

Proper Installation:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation. Accurate installation ensures long-lasting performance, including using correct fasteners, maintaining proper gaps, and providing adequate framework support.


Composite decking is a durable and favoured substitute for wood decking. Crafted from wood fibres and recycled plastic, it boasts longevity, resistance to decay, insects, fading, and low upkeep. This blog offers insights into various composite decking types, installation advice, and common installation challenges.

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