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What To Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

An overview

Installation of solar panels has gained popularity because it saves on paying the electricity bills every month and is affordable. If you are building a new home, you should make sure that you find certified solar companies from Bakersfield to install solar panels for you as they provide a sustainable electricity-saving solution to live a better life.

Factors That Determine Installation Of Rooftop Solar Panels

The condition of your rooftop – Ensure your rooftop is not damaged and if it requires some repairs, get them done before you install your solar panels. Check its durability, and if you find out the solar panel you intend to install will last longer than the roof, you can change it with a new one. The roof should also have enough space to hold the number of solar panels you install to supply solar power in your entire household.  The direction of your rooftop slopes determines the placement of your solar panels for maximum absorption of light.

The weight of the solar panels – The structure of your roof will determine if it can hold the weight of the solar panels you want to be installed. Too much solar panels’ weight can collapse a weak rooftop causing loss and damage to other structures within the building.

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The direction of water – An effective installation ensures there is no impact of water runoff on the solar panels. The installation of your solar panels and their appliances should not prevent water from draining and flowing into the drainage system.

The selection of a licensed company – Researching will help you identify a reputable solar installation company such as UV Power Solar Brisbane for quality services. Shop around and get quotes from different contractors comparing reviews or comments given on each company. Ensure you validate that the company has the correct credentials and operates with licensing from relevant authorities. 

Check for warranties – A warranty ensures your manufacturer is accountable for anything that happens to your solar panel and other related equipment. There are different solar warranties such as installation warranty, solar panel warranty, and inverter warranty that vary from one company to another.

The Safety Standards and Code Compliance – The solar installation company you select should provide you with paperwork that you must complete correctly for your project to be accepted. It also includes the period the warranty will last and the conditions in which the manufacturers become liable for any malfunctioning in the future. A qualified contractor should help you install your solar panels to ensure maintenance of all safety standards. By searching “solar panel installers near me” you will get a list of top solar panel companies in your area.

When contemplating the installation of rooftop solar panels, it’s crucial to make an eco-friendly choice. You can go green with Blue Raven Solar by exploring their sustainable energy solutions on their website.

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How To Maintain Your Solar Panels

It is recommendable to adopt the following solar panel maintenance practices to ensure you get long-term benefits.

Monitor the day-to-day performance – Note down the amount of energy the solar panels produce within a specified time and check if there is consistency in the pattern. Ensure you note its output on cloudy days using the monitoring system provided by your manufacturer.

Ensure you inspect your solar panels regularly to check for dirt or other foreign materials that might pile up on top. They should always be clean to ensure nothing blocks them from absorbing the sunlight efficiently.

Clean the solar panel weekly or monthly depending on dirt build-up using a sponge with soapy water. Where the panels need a thorough cleaning or are too high, you can get services from a cleaning company. It is recommendable to consult with your installer before cleaning because some companies might terminate the warranty after cleaning them. Alternatively, you can install automated cleaners that work like sprinkler systems for more efficiency.

The solar panels are placed out of the shade to get maximum sunlight for solar energy production.

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