What To Ask Piano Movers When Moving A Piano Long Distance


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You always have a passion for music. Ever since you were young, you always love playing the piano. This served as your avenue to relieve yourself from stress. And whenever you’re playing the piano, you feel like you’re in your own world. Your piano has been with you since you were young and you’re planning to keep it as long as possible. However, you’re worried that this won’t happen because you’re moving to another country. You’re concerned how a huge musical instrument can survive a crucial move. Aside from the size, you’re also worried how your piano will sound after the move. This is why you started scouting for piano movers in your area.

Regardless of where you’re living right now, for sure, many piano movers can provide you the service you need. But hiring the first piano mover you’ll see isn’t always the best option; you should consider several piano movers first. So you’ll end up with the best piano movers, ask them these questions first:

1. How long have you been moving pianos?

Nowadays, many piano moving companies claim they are the best in what they do but how can you tell? Ask about their experience and how long have they been moving pianos for. This will give you an idea of what to expect. If you work with a piano moving company who’s been doing business for years, they’re probably experts in what they’re doing – they probably won’t last long if they’re not.

2. What’s your insurance coverage?

This is one of the most important things you should know about the piano mover you’re working with. Regardless of how prepared you are during the move, there’ll be some bumps along the way – and the piano movers should be able to cover your piano when these things happen. This will serve as your assurance that whatever will happen during the move, the moving company is responsible for your piano.

If a piano moving company doesn’t have any insurance, contact your homeowner’s insurance agent and ask about arranging a rider for your policy. This can be an option for your piano to be covered during the entire move.

3. Do you do “keyboard?”

“Keyboard” is a jargon used by piano moving companies which involves removing all of the keyboards in the piano so the movers can ship it easier. Although this can be convenient for the piano movers, it can be risky. One misplacement of the keyboard after the move can change the entire tune of the piano – and this can be a pianist’s nightmare.

4. Do you provide door to door service?

Your piano is heavy and bulky – the reason why you decided to hire piano movers in the first place. However, if the piano mover you’re going to hire doesn’t provide door to door service like ask absolutely does, you’re not getting your money’s worth. You paid for a piano moving company to bring you convenience, and not the complete opposite. If you’re not sure if this is something a piano mover can give you, ask. If you’re not satisfied with the answer they give you, cross them off your list and start scouting for others.

5. Where will you place the piano?

The condition of your piano during the move is probably one of the things that bother u. Of course, you want your piano to be in a perfect working condition the moment you arrive in the new area. Ask the mover where your piano will be placed throughout the entire move. A good piano moving company should place it in an area where it’s not subject to major shifts in movements and temperature. Even small changes can affect how your piano will sound. Additionally, the mover should stray away from putting the piano near heating ducts, doors, and windows. These are areas which can easily damage the piano.

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Your piano isn’t just an instrument; for you, it’s your passion and hobby. This is something which relaxes and soothes you every time things don’t work out well. And most probably, your life wouldn’t be as colorful if you don’t have your piano with you. This might be the reason why you’re keen on the move – you don’t want your piano to be damaged in any way. You want it to be in good condition before, during and after the move. Keep in mind the questions from this article, use these as your reference and for sure, you’ll end up working with the best piano movers!

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