What Time of Year is Best to Build Your Swimming Pool?


What Time of Year is Best to Build Your Swimming

Building a pool in your backyard can be quite draining, especially when considering the right time, cost, size, and materials for constructing pools. However, a good installation not only lasts longer but also raises the appraisal value of your cozy abode.

In addition, having a good old swimming pool built in your house ensures children are safe while playing. This is absent in public pools, not to mention that proper hygiene is rarely taken care of. 

But the question is what time of the year would be most suitable for building a private pool. Well, this article covers adequate information for the same. So, without much ado, let’s proceed further. 

Things to keep in mind before deciding to build a pool

The first thing you need to know is the purpose of building the pool. Next, decide what the pool will be used for, like exercising, entertainment, water playing, or upgrading the house to improve its value. Once you have worked on it, you can proceed with determining the size, budget and design, materials, type, and other elements. For instance, there are several types of pools, including inground, above-ground pools, saltwater pools, etc.

Additionally, you can decide upon the lining material, style, shape, size, and other features such as underwater benches, decks, flagstone area, etc. Then, proceed with researching the zonal restrictions in your area, testing the soil, and checking other geotechnical aspects of the ground. Once you are sure enough of the mentioned factors, consider the right time to build or install the pool.

Installing pools in spring

Pools constructed or installed during the onset of spring are usually considered ideal as these can be used for relaxation in the upcoming months of hot summer. Due to heavy booking in prior months, this is the busiest time for builders. Although many pool contractors such as EverClear Pools & Spas charge reasonably, most increase their pricing range due to high demand.

Another thing about installing pools in the spring season is the time. Due to the fluctuating weather conditions, occasional and uncredited downpours, showers, and drizzles, the damp and sticky ground excavated previously might turn muddy, delaying the installation time and pool building.

You might also have to repair the damage caused to your yard by reforming the surrounding area, buying new plants, and planting new grass.

Installing pools in summer

Most contractors who have already taken late projects for spring are probably busy during the summer. But since building pools after the onset of the summer season is not so common, the prices will go down a level when compared to spring.

Moreover, the dry ground resulting from higher temperatures makes it easier for most builders to excavate and construct pools. As a result, installations can be finished quickly if the temperatures are favorable, and you can still enjoy swimming for the rest of the summer.

Although the surface is usually dry, a high temperature and humidity might result in little drizzles. This might delay the construction for a few days. Furthermore, most contractors do not wish to work in the scorching heat during summer. This might further slow down the construction or installation process once the pool is excavated.

Installing pools in the fall

Compared to the spring and summer seasons, building pools is relatively cost-efficient. This is because most contractors disclose great offers during this offseason. In addition, the weather conditions are favorable during autumn as the ground is dry and stable.

Builders also prefer autumn as the temperature is just suitable for quick installations. Moreover, since this is the last season before the beginning of spring, you can save a small amount of money.

Another advantage of building your pools during the fall is the high potential for vegetation. Small plants, bushes, and other landscaping ideas that you want near the poolside area can be planted during this season. These plants will have adequate time to grow into lush greens until the beginning of the summer season a few months later.

A downside of installing pools during fall is that you will have to wait a few months before getting a kick out of your swimming pool. 

What Time of Year is Best to Build Your Swimming Poo

Installing pools in winter

The cold season is suitable for constructing pools at the end of the year, especially if the low budget is your only concern. Due to lower demand, almost all the companies and builders offer great discounts and deals during this season.

This will be in your favor if you want to save some costs on installing the pool. However, select a time before the onset of January as spring projects are likely taken during this month, so the prices may increase.

The biggest throwback of building your pool during the winter months is bad weather conditions. Cold regions typically experience heavy snowfall and snowstorms, which might pause the installation process. But since there is a lot of time until you can use your pools, contractors usually reschedule the work process after such conditions. 

What time of year should you opt for building pools?

The best time to build a swimming pool comes down to three important factors – Budget, Usage, and Time. 

So, if you are low on budget and not looking to use the pool any sooner, fall and winter might be the best months for construction. As the nearby yard gets damaged during construction, you will have enough time to regrow the grass or vegetation if you plant in these periods.

However, the fall season might be your best bet if you have a lower budget and want to complete the whole process without any delay.

On the other hand, if you cannot wait to play with water and have an adequate budget, spring and summer might be ideal for building a pool.

Although delays may occur if any bad weather is experienced during the building process, you can immediately enjoy it once the construction is over. On the other hand, your landscape might not have ample time to grow during summer, but you have a month or two to regrow the greens if you opt for spring.  


While deciding to build a pool, one thing to keep in mind is the material, such as vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass. Select the material based on the requirement, durability, cost, and time required for the construction.

In addition, remember to choose a reputable swimming pool contractors in Dubai by researching reviews, referrals, comparing costs, and proper credentials. Do not decide on anything in a rush and thoroughly devise a proper plan regarding design, decoration materials, colors, etc.

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