What Things You Can and Can’t Keep In a Mobile Storage

There are numerous reasons why you should rent a mobile storage unit. Whether you are relocating or renovating your home, mobile storage units are a cheaper and convenient option compared to other storage options. However, you should understand that there are rules that govern what you should and shouldn’t keep in your mobile storage unit. While some of these rules differ, some of the storage regulations are general. In this post, we shall discuss what things you can and can’t keep in mobile storage.

Things that you can keep in a mobile storage unit

Things that you can keep in a mobile storage unit


Furniture is a common item that’s kept in mobile storage units. Most people will store their furniture in these units when relocating before creating space for it in their new home. When you keep furniture in mobile storage units, you will be assured that your items are safe as you await to transfer them to your new home.

When storing furniture in these units, ensure that you clean it with a damp cloth, and then allow it to dry. Then, use a plastic sheet to cover these pieces. However, you should make sure that you don’t wrap the furniture tightly, as this can cause mold to grow.


Your electronic appliances are valuable items, and you can also keep them in a mobile storage unit. Some of the electronics that you can keep in mobile storage include TVs, computers, monitors, printers, and gaming devices, among others.

However, you shouldn’t forget to remove the batteries before storing these devices in the storage units. If you fail to do so, this can cause damage to your devices if you store them for a long period of time. Moreover, you need to make sure that your mobile storage unit is secure and weather-proof, to protect your items from water damage and theft.


These are also some of the common items that people keep in portable storage units. You can use these units to keep your clothes until you get time to sort them out after moving to a new home. However, it’s also essential to ensure that you prepare and pack your clothes property—just like you’d do with your furniture. First, you should avoid overstuffing the boxes. Rather, you need to leave some space and use plastic bubbles to fill these spaces. Also, you can opt to use vacuum bags when keeping clothes in a mobile storage unit, as this protects them from mold and insects.


When relocating, kitchenware is some of the items to be packed last, since most of them are in use until the last day. A mobile storage unit is the ideal place to keep these items since you will be able to access them whenever you need them—even when you haven’t unpacked.

Things you should never keep in a mobile storage unit

Things you should never keep in a mobile storage unit

Hazardous materials

According to experts from Toronto mobile storage, Torex Moving, these materials top the list when it comes to things that you should never keep in a mobile storage unit. Some of these items include any item that’s flammable, toxic, corrosive, or explosive. So, you shouldn’t store chemicals, gasoline, oil, gases, paint, cleaners, and fertilizers, among other materials in these units. Something can happen, and cause a gas leak or explosion in the unit. This does not only pose a serious threat to the items kept in the units, but it can also hurt anyone standing close to the storage unit.

Perishable items

You should never keep any food item that can get spoilt quickly in a mobile storage unit. Typically, this includes items like meats, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products, among others. These foods can attract rodents and insects, which can in turn cause damage to other things in the storage unit. Besides, the infestation can spread to the entire home—if you’ve kept the storage unit close to your home. This also applies to your pet food, as it can also harbor these critters. For safety purposes, never store any item that’s considered to be edible.

Plants and pets

You cannot keep pets in a mobile storage unit, even when you’ve placed it close to your home. This requires some bit of common sense, as you can leave animals without water or food, and completely alone in the dark. Apart from being cruel, this is also illegal.

Besides, you cannot keep plants in mobile storage units too. Plants need water and light to survive—meaning they will wilt after a few days. If you don’t know what to do with your plant or pets when relocating, consider asking a family member or your friend to watch them before you settle down.


NEVER keep your guns or ammunition in a portable storage unit. As highlighted above, ammunition can explode, thus causing damage and injuries to people. Also, weapons can tempt thieves to break into your storage unit, which can also risk other valuable items.

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