What the Stats Say about the Importance of Rain Gutters?


rain gutter on roof

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the amount of single-family houses sold in July of 2022 hit 510,000 with an average median rate of just under $547,000.00. 

When investing in a home, first time and seasoned home buyers alike understand the importance of protecting their investment. Hidden costs and fees associated with home ownership might be overwhelming, causing some to overlook the basics of keeping a home’s value high. 

One critical example of an often-overlooked renovation or addition: rain gutters. Are they truly a necessary addition on a normal, single-family home? Let’s explore. 

Protecting the Home

Rain gutters add curb appeal, yes, but more importantly they protect a home from the roof down to its foundation. There are a few key reasons why gutters are necessary for keeping a home and its surrounding areas intact. 

Some homes are built on sloping or hilly landscapes. To that end, if a home sits at the bottom of such property, rainwater can easily pool around the home’s foundation, leading to significant damage. Gutters sluice water away, keeping the foundation dry and intact.

The slopes or hills on which some homes sit might be made up of clay-rich soil. This soil not only absorbs water but tends to retain the water as well. After a rainfall, clay soil leads to water retention, delivering a consistent stream of water to the same spot. Gutters help avoid stagnant water by directing water into a designated drainage system.

A good gutter system is also an integral part of keeping water from leaking into basements. While not all single-family homes are equipped with basements, some homes do still have below ground level parts. Overflowing water can lead to flooding even on a single-floor property. Gutters help keep the structure of a home dry, as well as the valuables within it, regardless of how many floors a home is equipped with.

Rain Gutters

Conserving Water

A bonus reason for having gutters installed on a single-family home is storing water for later use. Gutters can be installed so that downspouts channel rainwater into barrels, allowing homeowners to collect the water for later use. 

A gutter system keeps the front porch dry, all while allowing homeowners to reduce water bills by using the collected water for tasks such as irrigating landscaping or washing the car.  

Maintaining the Value of a Home

Not every single-family home requires a gutter system to be installed. However, many home types benefit greatly from a good gutter installation. Gutters direct water away from the top down, keeping homes dry and intact, no matter the type.

Pooling water tends to lead to things like structural damage or mold, both of which are costly to repair once a home is affected. Whether it’s a single-family home without a basement or a multi-story home, good home ownership means protecting the overall value of the lived-in property. Doing so starts with keeping a home safe and dry from the elements with a rain gutter system in place.  

Protecting a large investment like a family home can be as straightforward as starting from the top with rain gutter installation.

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