What should you do when you have visible broken roof shingles?


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One of the most important tasks in home maintenance is maintaining a roof because it is the primary part of the house for sure. A home will not look like a home unless it has a roof, and it protects you and your family from any weather, no matter how severe it is. That’s why the roof of a home should be maintained with special care.

With time or due to severe climate roof starts to break from some parts. Broken shingles are one of those problems. If the roof of your home is giving you a sign of any broken shingle, you should immediately inspect the damage and take action to protect your house from bigger problems in the future.

The best thing is that the broken or cracked shingles of the roof are easily detectable. Once you see a single broken shingle, constructors911.com says you should check because further delays can lead to massive problems, including damaging sheathing, water seeping, moss growth, and many more. So when you see broken roof shingles, you should do these things:

  • Inspect the condition of roof shingles:

First of all, whenever a storm passes from your region, then you should inspect your roof shingles to check whether they are working fine or any of them are broken. If your roof has missing shingles or broken shingles, then identify how many of them are lost or broken. If only 2 or 3 shingles are broken, you can easily replace them; otherwise, approach the professionals.

  • Repairing cracked shingles:

If your roof’s shingles are cracked and not completely broken, you can fix them easily. Repairing them is an easy task to do. At first, apply a thick layer of sealant under the shingle’s crack and then spread it by using a putty knife. 

After it, place some pressure on the shingle and apply a coat of sealant above the crack. Apply the pressure on the cracked shingle until the sealant binds them properly. Now let the cracked shingles dry for some time.

  • Analyze the roof’s age:

Sometimes the roof shingles are not broken due to storms, but their life span expires. So it is crucial to analyze the age of your roof before going towards the option of repairing it. When a roof starts aging, the shingles also start breaking. 

If your roof age is more than 25 years, it is time to replace the whole roof only if you want to prevent further problems from coming inside your home. In this case, approach any roofing company, and they will guide you correctly.

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  • Clearing of roof gutters:

Another reason for broken shingles is dirt and leaves beneath the roof shingles. All of that dirty stuff approaches the roof’s gutters and blocks the drainage system. This will lead to clogging of rainwater which you will notice when it starts dripping. Again, this is when you should take immediate action.

So it is advised to clean the roof gutters if you want to increase the life span of your roof shingles and roof. If your roof has broken shingle, immediately check whether the roof gutters are clean or not. If not, then clean them to prevent further breakage.

  • Replacing the missing shingles:

When you inspect the roof condition and see any of the shingle is missing, consider replacing them ASAP. If you have done any roof repair work in the past, you might have some shingles. Find them; otherwise, you can buy new shingles.

You can replace the missing shingle without any professional help. Lift the bar slowly, and then you will see a nail’s row beneath the sealer strip. Pull out those nails by pressing the shingle down. After it, replace the old shingle with a new one.

  • Reach towards professionals:

If you think you cannot handle the broken roof shingles yourself, such as replacing or repairing them, you should call a roofing company. They have experts in taking care of roofing issues, including this one. You can find a roofing company according to your budget. Always take immediate action in this case as it will save you money and time.


Roof shingles are made with different materials, and they are available in the market with a wide range of varieties, including stone, clay, metal, wood, etc. Shingles play an important role in protecting your home’s roof from severe climates. So if you want to work with them effectively, inspect them regularly and keep their health maintained. 

Best of luck!

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