What Makes the Perfect Vanity Top?


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Among all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is one commonly visited. As a result, people strive to design bathrooms to the best of their specifications. However, modernisation and fast-changing lifestyles have impacted design decisions. As a result, several elements within bathroom spaces have received special consideration. For example, vanity tops have attracted a lot of attention. The pieces have multipurpose applications and a massive impact on the overall design of a bathroom.

Vanity tops perform the crucial task of integrating your bathroom’s utilitarian and aesthetic aspects. They are an essential component of any contemporary bathroom’s functionality. Moreover, the installation is helpful in efficiently establishing the theme for the space. Since everyone wants perfection, making the right choice for a vanity top is a dilemma. Therefore, let’s closely examine relevant considerations on what makes the perfect vanity top.


The size of the vanity top largely depends on the space available in the bathroom. Choosing a countertop size that is less intrusive when designing a small bathroom is advisable. On the other hand, there are no limitations on the shape and size of the vanity if you have a big space to work with. The large vanity options are ideal for the main bathroom. Nevertheless, the size selection can also depend on individual storage preferences. It’s essential to define accurate measurements of the bathroom vanity since the tops rarely come in one-size-fits-all options.

Longevity in Use

One needs a sturdy vanity top that can withstand years of abuse. Water, soap, cosmetics, toothpaste, and other chemicals that commonly fall on vanity tops shouldn’t affect the overall strength and quality of the build. Moreover, selecting a vanity top suited for the bathroom’s humid environment guarantees hygiene and safety. 

Another important consideration of durability is the frequency and extent of use. For example, a highly robust vanity top may not be the best option if the installation is for the guest bathroom, where usage is limited. On the other hand, vanity tops with high levels of durability are great for bedroom powder rooms which receive a lot of traffic and extended periods of use. A great example is Corian® Vanity Tops which are highly durable and practical. 


Bathroom vanities have several purposes, including housing the sink, drainage fittings and storage compartments. Therefore the perfect vanity top enhances useability and functionality; For example, a double bowl vanity top would be preferable to a single bowl vanity for large families with multiple users. 

Material Choice

Bathroom vanity tops require solid and long-lasting materials. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of selecting less valuable materials to save on costs while maximising aesthetics. This choice accrues more costs as repairs and replacements come often and too soon. Some of the options available for the vanity tops include:

Vanity Top


It’s designed from layers of plastic held together to a particle-board core. The material is lightweight, inexpensive and comes in an array of colours and patterns. Unfortunately, laminate vanity tops require a custom fabricator and have a cheap feel.


Porcelain vanity tops are affordable and accommodate numerous design options. However, the material is brittle and requires periodic cleaning.

Natural Stone

Slate, soapstone, limestone and marble are some of the most popular natural stone vanity tops. The tops are expensive; however, they perform well. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to customise.

It’s a good idea to look at all the material options available to make a personal choice but reel in professional input for detailed information.

Additional Elements

Lighting, colour, and faucets are added fixtures that compliment the vanity top to enhance a bathroom’s aesthetics. The vanity lighting includes mirror lighting and overhead lighting. The options available are innumerable, but it’s essential to design the lighting around the vanity in theme with the overall lighting in the bathroom. Moreover, the brightness and colour of the lighting are important considerations. Adjustable lights offer flexibility on beam position, brightness and colour.

Faucets are another essential component that is revised for a bathroom renovation. They come in beautiful forms and finishes. Good faucets make the centrepiece of a bathroom countertop, but the devil is in the details. Everything from the material selection and colour selection to the fitting must be perfect for an attractive look.

In conclusion, the selection of the perfect bathroom vanity tops is difficult. However, consulting the right people will make it easy for you. Take the right steps, and you will land on perfection.

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