What Makes a Good Plant or Flower Shelf?

As a plant parent, you always want to display your plants in their best light. Other than looking good, you also want your plants to be healthy and taken care of. A plant organizer or a plant shelf will not only be used to display your plants, but its design, material, size and other aspects will affect how your plants will be treated – in terms of receiving enough sunlight, water, drainage options, etc. If you are looking for an indoor plant shelf for your home, balcony, garden or an outdoor patio shelf, you might have already come across the large number of options available out there – in different sizes, materials, prices, designs, capacities, and more. It can be confusing to reach a decision, because not everything that looks good serves its actual purpose, and the number of options just make you wonder what actually is good for your plants. Worry not, we are here to help you out! Whether you are looking for a pretty flower shelf for your balcony, a tall shelf for the corner of your living room, or an outdoor patio shelf, here is a list with a few points you need to keep in mind while looking for the right flower shelf and making a purchasing decision. These can help you figure out what makes a good plant shelf!

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  • Material
    A plant shelf can be made of a number of different materials – wood, bamboo, brass, copper, marble, etc. Depending on where you plan on keeping it, the right plant shelf for you should be sturdy, and be able to withstand the elements around it – heat, dirt, dust, moisture, and more. An indoor flower shelf could probably be made of any of these materials, but an outdoor patio shelf should probably be wooden or made of bamboo, because metal, no matter how coated, is prone to rust which could not only mean a shorter life, but it could also affect the health of your plants. The same is applicable to the type of plants you plan on keeping on your shelf, and how often and how much they need to be watered.
  • Size and height
    Depending on where you want to keep the plant shelf, and the size of plants you plan on keeping on it, the right size of your flower shelf could be different. The size not only affects the look of the shelf but also has a huge impact on convenience. Just like different plants fit different pots, different pots fit different shelves. If you think about looks, the size of your plant shelf should be inversely proportional to the size of your plants – shorter plants on taller shelves and taller plants on shorter shelves, so as to make them look the best! Also, the right size could vary according to the type of plant you plan on keeping on it. If you want your creepers to wrap around the plant shelf, you might want to go for a shelf with compartments at a taller place and if you want them to be lower and spread around, you might want to go for a shorter, wider plant shelf. When you think about convenience, you need to think about where you want to keep the flower shelf. If you are planning on keeping it indoors just to fill some space and make your plants look organized, you might want to go for a smaller flower shelf. On the other hand, if you want the shelf to be the center of attention in a room, or make a statement, you might want to go with a bigger shelf, maybe with more compartments and more plants! If you want to place the shelf outside, the size could be anything, ranging from a 2 tier shelf to a wood plant stand triangular shelf 6 pots flower shelf, depending on the number of plants you want on it and the décor around it.
  • Sustainability
    In today’s world, sustainability is the need of the hour. With increasing awareness, more and more people have started looking for products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and durable. If you too want to contribute to a cause, and promote the use of products that are sustainable in everyday life, why should things be any different when it comes to your plant shelf? Even if you cannot find a flower shelf that is made of classified sustainable products, you can look for one that is made of wood, and is durable – because that is what would make it sustainable. Plus, a plant shelf could also serve as a rack, or a display case, and be repainted and reused for years to come!
  • Stability and sturdiness
    If you own a number of different plants and pots, you know how much their weight varies – some pots are heavier than the others, while some succulents can literally be lifted with a pair of chopsticks. Even if you select the lightest pots, the mud in your plant – big or small, can make it pretty heavy. So, you need to make sure that the plant shelf you select is sturdy and stable to avoid anything from falling apart, breaking and creating a mess in the near future. Apart from selecting a strong material, you need to make sure that the joints and fixtures are strong as well. 
  • Design
    The design of your plant shelf will have a huge impact on pretty much every aspect – how it looks, how your plants look, what drainage features it provides, how the plants will be taken care of, and more. The right flower shelf for you will look good with your décor and compliment the colors around it. Along with looking good, it will also be designed well to ensure that all the plants receive ample amount of sunlight and get the right drainage features. 

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Once you figure out your plant and décor needs, you can start looking for a pretty plant shelf within your budget. Plant shelves are not usually very expensive, but the price can vary depending on the material and design of the product. All you need to do is figure out your requirements, and if you feel like you do not have a particular set of wishes, you can look for a flower shelf that can go with anything! Take this one for example, wood goes with pretty much everything, and only adds to the natural beauty of your plants and flowers. This plant shelf is designed well to provide enough space to your plants and is coated well enough to be protected from the elements around it.

This triangular shelf can hold more than six plant pots at once and go well with pretty much any color, on any wall, in your balcony or in your garden. You can check it out here. To help you a little more, Costway has a huge collection of a variety of shelves and other furniture that you can filter according to your size, material, price and other preferences and find your perfect flower shelf. Just make sure that you know what your plants need – from their watering needs, drainage needs, sunlight requirements, to everything! This will help you shortlist the right type of plant shelves and make the decision much easier for you. The website also offers a range of other furniture, appliances and is a one stop solution with a lot more that can be added in your home.

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