What Kind of Beds Should I Consider?


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When you plan on redecorating your whole home, you may also be considering changing some of the furnishings. If you want to swap out the furniture in bedrooms, changing your beds and mattresses could help to fit in with your new aesthetic, as well as allow you to get a better night’s sleep. Prior to buying new beds, you may want to consider who they are for, to really try and make the most out of the money you spend. While you may not necessarily buy the exact frames that you or your children want, they could be used to give you an idea of that individual’s needs and sense of style.

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You may want to first think about the youngest members of a household. A toddler cannot stay in a cot forever. At the same time, buying your toddler’s first bed can be seen as quite a big deal, as it indicates the change from being a baby into a rambunctious toddler – and growing up too fast! Opting for a toddler bed, rather than a standard twin bed, could allow them to have a piece of furniture that is more suited to their size and height. Their designs may vary too, allowing you to choose from a number of colours or characters, depending on the things your toddler likes.

Older children may be less enthusiastic about colours or designs, but still want something that looks classy and fashionable. In particular, teenagers might be more concerned about how to maximise their space and seem cool to their friends. A loft-style bed, which could be seen as a bunk bed without the lower bunk, may allow you to make better use of the space available to you. Your teen may opt to have a television and mini sofa in the lower space, or even opt for a bed with a desk built-in below. This could be ideal for both studying and sleeping and give your teen more options in their personal space.

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Adults may prefer a larger bed, especially if they plan on sharing it with their partner. If space is an issue, you may want to think about beds that also double as storage solutions. A divan bed may have drawers underneath, which could be great for storing a number of different items. Alternatively, you may want to opt for an ottoman frame, which often uses pistons to allow the entire base and mattress to lift up, revealing your items below. This could allow for even more storage, unrestricted by drawers.

Changing the beds in your home may be quite costly, especially if you want more upmarket designs. Therefore, it could be a good idea to start planning these alterations a good few months in advance. This way, you may be able to start shopping with more of a savings pool, meaning you can look closely for design quality, as well as to better take the recipient’s opinion into account.

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