What Is The Underpinning Process?

The underpinning method is used for the repair and strengthening of building foundations.  The procedures and applications are meant for strengthening the various types of foundations. When there is a situation of failure in the foundation or footing after the entire structure is completed, under such an emergency case, in order to provide a remedial measure that helps the structure in regaining its stability, the underpinning method is used. It helps in strengthening the foundation of the building or any other type of infrastructure. 

In order to support the structure, one can either use permanent or temporary support to increase the depth and bearing capacity. 

There are a different selection of methods for the underpinning process, here are a few:-

Selection by Age

For these ancient structures that are greater than 150 years old, the recent structures come under 50 – 150 years and the modern structures come under less than 50 years. For each, the process differs. 

Types of works for selecting the underpinning method:-

There are various categories for selecting the type of outcome from the underpinning methods. 

Conversion Works involves a structure that can be converted to another function that requires a stronger foundation in comparison to the existing one. Another underpinning method is for buildings where the current foundation is not stable or the nearby excavation has the chances of affecting the soil. If you require a basement below an existing structure then the underpinning method comes under this category. 

Remedial works are sued if a mistake is done during the initial stage of foundation design. It is done when working on the present structure is easier than working on a new one. 

What Structure Requires Underpinning?

There are various reasons for an engineer to suggest underpinning as a method. The degradation of timber piles can be a reason for the foundation to go wrong. The lowering of water capacity can also cause a decrease in the bearing capacity. The soil condition that is weak to withhold the impact can also cause the structures to require underpinning. 

Whether to opt for underpinning or not is heavily based on observations. If an already existing structure starts showing changes or any kind of distress then it is necessary to take the readings on a  timely basis. The changes observed can help you define if underpinning is necessary or not. To know if underpinning is a go-to solution, follow the link – https://www.restumpingunderpinningexperts.com.au/

underpinning process2

Methods of Underpinning

Here is the list of a few of the methods that you can use for underpinning:-

  1. Underpinning with the help of cantilever needle beam method
  2. Mini piled underpinning  process 
  3. Mass Concrete or pit method for underpinning
  4. Pile method
  5. Pre-testing method

They all follow a similar idea where you have to extend the existing foundation either lengthwise or breadthwise to lay stronger stability. This also enables the load distribution over a greater span. The choice of the ideal method entirely depends on the ground conditions and the foundation depths. 

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