What Is the Best Way to Apply Grub Control in Your Lawns?


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Each day, you get to see your lawn right by your window with a cup of coffee. This scenario felt like a serene morning starter until you saw grub damage in your yard. For sure, your facial reaction would be how come it is in your lawn or an automatic facepalm. Now the next step to that is prevention and solution. 

You can easily buy grub control solutions, but the trick that will perfect its effect comes in the way you apply it. No matter how expensive or how great it is in the advertisement if you fail to follow the way you should use it, those grubs will keep coming back even more frequently. 

And that is the reason why we have collated all the tricks and tips in applying grub control. It is our way of helping you narrow down your searches. You can also visit https://gardenandgrass.com/ to check for more gardening tips. But for now, let us dig further into the best grub application practices. 

What are grubs, and why are they harmful to lawns?

Grubs are the immature forms of beetles. They are typically white in color and fluffy in texture. They have legs near the head and have a c-shape body. It is harmful to your lawn and even your garden because it feeds on roots and worms. Those worms that it eats make the soil nutritious for the plant. And the absence of the worms will make the soil unhealthy. 

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How to know that there are grubs on your lawn?

For you to know when to apply, you should know the signs and symptoms of a grub attack on your lawn. Here are some of the symptoms:

  • The grass looks thin and dying due to damage. This is because the grubs are eating their roots, cutting them from the nutrition source. 
  • There are brown patches in random spots on your lawn. 
  • The lawn easily detaches from the roots since there is no root to hold them. In this sense, you can easily roll up the grass just like a carpet. 
  • The grass will be prone to more damage, such as drought-related diseases. 
  • Raccoons, birds, and moles started digging up your lawns. IF there are regular activities for them, it is a sure sign that there are undercover activities from the grubs. Inspect your property right away and perform a solution. 

Grub control application tips

The moment your lawn has all the signs of grubs attack, act right away. Here are our tips!

  • Timing is the key – if, upon your inspection, you see that they are young or still just eggs, add pesticides right away. This is because young grubs are easy to deal with compared to adults. Usually, they are newly hatched from mid to late summer until early fall. 
  • The chemicals you are applying will surely kill those grubs, but they might also affect your lawn. If you use pesticides, make sure that it is well watered as well to avoid sun damage. Remember to water them right after you apply pesticides. 
  • When you see the symptoms of damage on your lawn, treat it right away, no matter what season it happens. 
  • Don’t apply grub control in early spring. The grubs are not yet hatched, making the potency of the pesticide ineffective. As per our first tip, timing is the key. 
  • Monitor your lawn. After application, it should kill the grubs within a week. If they are completely gone by that time frame, then that’s perfect. But if not, then you need to redo the application. Maybe the first application did not affect me well due to some factors. So try checking with our tips to know which part you are missing. 
  • Check out your neighborhood lawns. If they are facing grub attacks, check yours right away, even with zero signs of damage. They creep underneath the soil, so you will not see them right away. Prevention is still better than cure. 

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Your lawn is your little way of beautifying your area. And grub attack is not an excellent way to start your day. So ensure that you know how to maintain it and cure it if it faces this kind of damage. Moreover, seeing your environment healthy can make you feel healthy as well. 

We hope that this page helped you in your Grab controlling venture. If you have your tips and tricks about grub control, share them with us, and let’s create a grub-free lawn community. 

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