What is a Torx screw?


Torx screw

Hexalobular socket screws, widely recognized as Torx screws, are a type of screw with a six-lobed, star-patterned screw drive invented by Camcar Textron in 1967. 

Torx is a trademark for a type of screw head with a distinctive 6-point star-shaped pattern.

Torx does not come out and can withstand higher torques than internal hex at a given head size; thus, they were invented as an improvement to screw heads such as Phillips screws, which were prone to cam-out, and internal hex drive screws, which tended to round off during high torque.

Due to their unique driver type, Torx screw heads have always been used as security screw heads.

Torx is available as an internal as well as an external drive. Torx internal drive screws are commonly used in the automotive, IT appliances, consumer electronics, and building and construction industries. 

Torx is a less common external drive head type, but it is widely used in machine screws and lag screws as an alternative drive head type to hex.

Torx drive is a trademark known as star drive or a six-lobe. TX or 6lobe are standard abbreviations.

Security Torx

The center of the six-point star socket head of security Torx screws has an additional pin. Because of the center pin, a standard Torx screwdriver cannot be used, making this fastener tamper-proof.

6-lobe screws, tamper-proof Torx, 6-lobe pin Torx, Torx TR, Torx pin, and star pin drive screws are all security Torx screws. 

Tamper-proof security Torx screws are more secure than standard Torx screws because they require a specialized security Torx screwdriver to loosen them.

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Torx Screwdrivers

Torx screwdrivers have a distinctive 6-point star-shaped head that fits perfectly with screw heads of the appropriate size. 

Due to the unique Torx design, there is less chance of the screw head being stripped or the screwdriver being damaged. Because of the design’s resilience, Torx screwdrivers can last up to ten times longer than regular screwdrivers.

Before Torx screws can be loosened or tightened, the size of the Torx screwdriver must match the size of the Torx screws.

Due to the additional center pin in the socket head, a standard 6-point Torx screwdriver will not mate with security Torx screws. 

As a result, using security Torx screws necessitates appropriate tools that accommodate the additional security pin, resulting in an effective tamper-proof design.

Torx screw uses

Hexalobular drive or Torx® screws have gained widespread acceptance in the automotive, telecommunications, appliance, and other industries. 

They are also widely used for construction screws, masonry anchors, security fixings, and other custom fixings, such as fixing into concrete, concrete blocks, hollow blocks, brick, solid brick, perforated brick, stone, and wood, as well as metal fire doors, aluminum extrusions, aluminum windows and in electronics and automotive components.

Some benefits of using Torx screws

The six lobes allow for faster tool engagement, increased torque transfer, and torsional strength. 

Vertical sidewalls and reduced recess fallaway improve tool engagement, eliminate cam-out, ensure proper torque transfer, and reduce tool slippage and damage.

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