What Is A Grow Box & How Do They Work?

A Grow Box is indoor planting equipment that can be used by people who do not have direct access to a garden. This can be convenient for people living in high rises and small apartments who wish to grow plants. They resemble minifridges and they all insist on maintaining the best environmental conditions for growing plants. Essentially a productive box for growing plants must have an arrangement for the lighting needs of a plant and a structure to fulfil the plant’s irrigation requirements.

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What Is The Working Of A Grow Box?

What Is The Working Of A Grow Box

Contrary to a traditional environment for growing plants, a grow box does not contain any soil. A grow box is a hydroponic system for growing plants. Hydroponics means “working with water” in Greek. A grow box contains a mix of nutrient-rich liquids instead of soil to help cultivate the plant in all of the different stages of its lifespan. 

One of the advantages of a grow box is that it will produce yield regardless of the weather or climate conditions. The following is an elaborate list of the other benefits of a hydroponic system or grow box. 

  • Sanitary conditions for plants
  • Constant quality
  • No soil-related drawbacks (diseases or insects)
  • Easy to harvest
  • High produce in a small space
  • No pests pilfering produce
  • Fast growth

One of the biggest advantages of successful hydroponic systems or grow boxes is that they can be deployed in a relatively tiny space. They will give the same level of produce and yield, if not more, in comparison to traditional agriculture systems. The best part is that they can be upscaled to any size depending on the total space you have. 

What Are Active Or Passive Grow Boxes?

There are many different types of grow boxes to choose from, but they can mostly be divided into two distinct categories, active or passive. In an active system, you will find pumps to keep the water circulating within the system. With the help of these pumps, the same water is recycled over and over again. A passive system does not contain pumps. 

In a passive system, water is circulated with the help of gravity. There are also passive systems that use a wicking material to circulate water up to the roots. Both active and passive grow boxes are a part of closed hydroponic systems. A closed hydroponic system recirculates the same water or nutrient solution over and over again. 

Importance Of Water & Fertilizers

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Water is the most important thing in a grow box or hydroponic growing system. City water can contain many different mineral salts, chemicals, and sanitizers which can be harmful to the plants. The mineral salts can be especially compromising to the proper functioning of a grow box. Water that is slightly acidic (between 5.5 and 6.5 pH) will most likely be suitable for the functioning of a grow box. 

Individual plants will have different watering requirements based on their ideal environment. Make sure you add enough water intermittently to ensure that the plant’s environment remains fresh over a longer period of time.

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