What Homeowners Need To Know About Hydrojetting Services


As a homeowner, you might encounter plumbing issues such as recurring clogs and slow drains. Such problems are frustrating and may expose you to harmful compounds. If you’re experiencing plumbing issues, it might be time to clean your pipes.

People have used traditional ways, such as vinegar and baking soda mixture, to clean plumbing systems for many years. Although they’re easy to apply, such methods might be ineffective in addressing extreme plumbing issues. Hence, utilizing innovative cleaning solutions such as hydrojetting is crucial.

This article outlines what you need to know about hydrojetting. You’ll learn what hydrojetting is, signs you need one, and costs. Keep reading!

What Is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a non-intrusive method to clear pipes effectively. The plumber will use high-pressure water jets to dislodge and remove the built-up debris from the piping system. 

Before the plumber starts the process, they’ll use a video camera to evaluate and assess the situation. After inspection, they’ll decide whether your pipes need hydrojetting.

To start the process, the plumber will look for the ideal location to insert the hose and start pumping water. The pumped water usually has a higher pressure of up to 5000 pounds per square inch (PSI). It’ll force the clog to flow down the drain, and you’ll have a running system in no time.

Hydrojetting has become quite popular over the years. For this reason, many service providers are now available, making it challenging to get the right one. Therefore, it’s crucial to research extensively to guarantee you get a credible plumber Liverpool or in your locality. Also, review the certifications provided to ensure you’re working with a compliant and reputable provider.

What Are The Signs You Need One? 

Various plumbing issues require hydrojetting services. To help you detect these issues, below are signs that might indicate you need a hydrojetting service:  

  • Slow Draining Pipes

Most homeowners may fail to recognize this as the drain may progressively empty over time. However, slowly draining pipes may signal you need hydrojetting services.

A garbage disposal failure might cause a slow-draining pipe or a blocked toilet floor drain. You may use store-bought chemicals to address the issue. However, although it’ll solve the current problem, it might lead to more significant issues in the future. The corrosive detergents may damage the pipes, forcing you to incur expensive repairs.

A hydrojetting service may be the best solution for slow-draining pipes. This can unblock your entire pipe. Additionally, it’ll save you from dealing with a slow drain regularly.

  • Unusual Smells 

When there’s a blockage, wastewater may take longer to drain, leading to rotting and eventually releasing foul odors. You can often address the blockage by drain snaking or vinegar. However, if there’s an extreme buildup, hydrojetting may be the way to effectively remove food particles that provide odor-causing bacteria a place to thrive.   

  • Air Bubbles In Water Lines

Sometimes, the air release valve might be blocked, causing air bubbles to accumulate in your piping system. The little bursts of air may travel to the highest point of your plumbing system, causing weird noises. This might also lead to corrosion and other issues. 

If this issue persists for a long time, you may be forced to replace your pipes. Therefore, as soon as you notice air bubbles in your water lines, consider calling hydrojetting services. Pumping high-pressure water into your pipes helps remove the clog and release air bubbles.

How Much Does Hydrojetting Cost?

The average cost of a hydrojetting service generally ranges from USD$350 to USD$600. However, several factors influence the actual price. These factors include the following:  

Extent Of Clog:

A more severe blockage means the plumber will use more time to address the issue. Considering most contractors charge per hour, you’ll pay more if they spend longer to repair a plumbing issue.

To reduce costs for future repairs, consider putting the hydrojetting service on your regular maintenance plan to keep your drain clog-free. This way, avoiding severe clogs will be easier, which could increase the costs. 


The accessibility of the affected pipes will affect the overall costs. For instance, if the damaged system is located in a crawlspace, it might take longer for a plumber to inspect and correct the issue. However, you can significantly reduce the cost by installing a sewer cleanout. This entry point allows the plumbers to access your pipes easily, saving them considerable time.

When hiring hydrojetting services, visiting numerous service providers is crucial. With this, you can compare their rates and services and get the best deal.


Plumbing systems play a significant role in ensuring the everyday running of household operations. However, sometimes you may encounter issues such as recurring clogs. To effectively and immediately address this issue, consider hiring hydrojetting services to unclog and clean your entire piping system.

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