What Every Kitchen Should Have?


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Some kitchen items are considered essentials. For a fully functional kitchen, there is a list of must-own equipment and cookware that are commonly found everywhere, from homes to professional restaurants. Building a stock of modern and efficient kitchen tools is a time-consuming process. However, experimenting with different cuisines and working with specialized kitchen equipment will help you evolve as a cook.

Whether you are planning a new kitchen or need to replace worn-out items, stocking your kitchen with the correct essentials is the first step to cooking a delicious meal. Be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and test different meals accessible with chic and high-quality tools. Moreover, investments in the kitchen will make cooking more pleasant and relaxed. Something that every home cook eyes for. Here is our list of kitchen must-haves:  

Knives and Sharpener

No tool is as essential as a good chef’s knife in the kitchen. What is the best chef’s knife? Well, the answer will change from one person to the other. Some might recommend the exclusively handmade Japanese-style or industrial European knives. Either way, choose a knife you are comfortable handling and helps you feel in control while cutting or chopping.

Moreover, it is unnecessary to have an ensemble of knives when you will rarely use any. We recommend three basic knives to start with: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife. To ensure you have everything you need for precision cutting, invest in the Premium Damascus Kitchen Knife Set | Faneema Cutlery made of high-carbon steel or a similar high-end set. You would also need the tools to maintain a knife’s sharpness. Consider investing in a manual sharpener which will help you save money and the hassle of hiring a sharpening service.

Knives and Sharpener

Food Processor

This one is a no-brainer. Think of food processing equipment as a one-stop-shop for everything which needs to be chopped, blended, sliced, whisked, ground, and pureed. It is a handy appliance when you need to outsource any knife-related task. Time is of the essence, especially when a mob of hungry guests is waiting impatiently for dinner. A food processor will save significant time for preparation and provide the ease of completing any of the above-mentioned tasks without breaking a sweat.

Unlike a traditional blender, food processors consist of wider bowls with blades placed at different levels and angles. It can accommodate larger batches of food ingredients and does not require liquid-heavy consistency to support dry food blending.

Trash Can

There will be some raised eyebrows now. However, we think trash cans are the underrated heroes. Many homeowners think of the trash can as an afterthought, but professionals know the importance of a strategic trash disposal system. Tactically utilizing a bin will enhance the cook’s efficiency and convenience. Place trash bin at an accessible distance from the cutting area and opt for ones that close tightly to minimize bad smells. Lastly, be mindful of the size of the bin. You need a trash can that does not occupy a lot of working space in the kitchen but can also hold enough garbage for a few days.

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