What Diamond Cut Sparkles the Most? Insights from Rare Carat Experts


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Light speaks a lot especially since most people don’t want to be in total darkness. When people are exposed to light, they learn to appreciate whatever their eyes can see even small things that create lasting impact on everyone. This beauty, sparkle, and brilliance in light also apply to people who are wearing precious gems like diamond rings wherein when the light illuminates or reflects to its facets, the true beauty will show brighter. To appreciate the inner and outer beauty of any diamond, Rare Carat keeps on doing its best to produce the best quality diamond rings. This article is all about what diamond cut sparkles the most based on the insights from Rare Carat experts. You can also read more of their informative diamond articles and view here for the high quality of their diamond products and services through their website at Rare Carat.

For people to learn more especially if they don’t have any experience like already seen the product online but still haven’t tried or used it, you can ask for some help like those comments, feedback, testimonies, or suggestions from people who already have experience with that particular product. Like those insights coming from the experts of Rare Carat, it’s a way for you to become knowledgeable about diamond rings.

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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

There are various diamond cuts to choose from and each of them has its style, design, and beauty. The different diamond shapes you can choose from are round, oval, cushion, princess, emerald, radiant, Asscher, marquise, heart, and pear. The technical term for sparkling light shining from a diamond ring is scintillation and this is the light displayed when the person or viewer, a diamond, or the light source is being moved. The secret of the diamond’s sparkling quality is held or came from its facets. The facets or flat sides on a diamond are placed strategically to optimize or maximize the brilliance of the diamond stone. An ideally cut diamond stone will use its light to reflect around the internal characteristic of the stone and it will reflect to a viewer’s eye. A round brilliant cut of a diamond is the diamond cut that sparkles the most as it has the most number of facets. This kind of classic and common cut is the diamond shape of choice for most cutters constitutes up to 95% of most faceted diamonds and is the most in-demand diamond cut by many users. This type of diamond cut contains 57 to 58 facets that help its beauty and brilliance to masterfully redirect its light to appear like a mini disco ball. You can view it here at Rare Carat, from Rare Carat for you to know about the diamond cut that sparkles the most.

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Rare Carat Diamond Experts

Aside from the high-quality diamond products at Rare Carat, you can also enjoy their exceptional customer service like what their live agents provide on their website. Some buyers are not sure about the diamond ring they at looking for or they are not aware of some diamond settings they didn’t know before. You can directly ask questions and be guided by their live agents who are always available at their site and ready enough to answer all your questions about diamonds as they are well-trained, possess all the skills needed, and are intelligent enough to guide you throughout your diamond for you to have the best diamond you’ll ever need. The superb customer service from their live agents is one of the reasons why they become on top. This positive cause results in a positive effect and that’s why they also have a 4.9/5 customer rating in two well-known customer rating platforms online. Added to their services are they also offer bonuses like promos and discounts so that more people can afford to purchase the best quality of their diamond rings. To learn more about the diamond ring and educate yourself about the diamond buying guide and diamond chart, you can also read some of their informative articles and relevant blogs. You can view them at Rare Carat through their link at Rare Carat to learn more about their diamond products and services for you to make your first diamond purchase.

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