What Could Be the Reasons for a Flooded Backyard?


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Squishing your feet in soggy grass or stepping into the puddles in your backyard is the last thing you want to do. Everything in your house is a long-term investment for you. It is your responsibility to maintain the property and deal with any issues. You may neglect flooding in your backyard once, but if it happens repeatedly, we suggest you get to the root of the problem. Especially if you are living in Michigan. It is blessed with the longest freshwater coastline. So, it is common for you to witness a flooded lawn. 

Apart from the coastline, there can be many reasons for backyard flooding. This article mentions the reasons and how you can deal with them. Read on! 

What causes your backyards to flood? 

Since the question mentions the term flood, it is obvious that some water increase is causing the flooding. It can be because of heavy rains, coastal floods, or in-house damages. If you are facing repeated flooding in your backyard, you should consider checking the following: 

Clogged gutters

One of the major causes of backyard flooding is clogged gutters. We get busy in our lives and forget to recheck the gutters. According to an expert Michigan plumber, clogged gutters are the worst enemies of your home. It would help if you get monthly or quarterly checking and servicing of your gutters by professionals to ensure no issues in the drainage system. It is critical to ensure that all the water, whether rainwater or collected due to overwatering, should drain the sewerage. Accumulated water begins to seep through the walls of your home and cause major damage. 

Flooded Backyard 2

Poor grading and low elevation

When you finalized the home, you checked the maps and necessary documents stating the region’s elevation. If you are in a coastal region with low height, your backyard is prone to flooding. The coastal waters are rising and causing heavy floods in many areas. Apart from this, poor grading can cause water accumulation on your lawn. It would help if you did not have a flat yard as it prevents water from flowing in the drain direction. Ensure a minimum 2%-5% slope in the yard for good water drainage. In addition, get the lawn leveled for any bumps and depressions. 

Poor soil conditions 

Soil conditions matter and greatly affect plant growth and water drainage. You need to have loose and light soil on the lawn so that the water, nutrients, and other plants shoot easily through it. The regular wear and tear because of people walking over, car parking, or equipment usage compacts the soil. You can hire a gardener to ensure good quality soil on your lawn. You can also call for help when you see: 

  • Brownish grass
  • Slower growth of grass
  • Increase in pests and weeds 
  • Thinning grass
  • Tree roots exposing unnaturally. 

You can ensure good soil health by planting more trees and moving the foot traffic to gravel or paver paths than on the grass. 

Final Words 

Backyard flooding is not a normal thing. You ought to get to the root of the problem and sort it out before it causes major damage to your home. Making way for the water to drain out of the backyard is critical. Neglecting it can cause the water to seep into the walls, weaken the base of the home, etc. Connect with a professional plumbing team to ensure that all the gutters and sewerages are open and in well-working conditions.

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