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What Costs Are Associated With Replacing Your Gutter?

If your gutter is past its lifespan, you should consider replacing it immediately. You could have flooding in your home after torrential rains if you don’t have a clean and working gutter. For your gutters to perform their job of protecting your roof and home structure effectively, you should always ensure that they are correctly installed and in decent shape. 

A new duct system around your home’s roofing doesn’t come for free and knowing what costs it entails is very important. 

Here are the top costs you may have to be prepared for when replacing your gutter:

  • Cleaning, Removal, And Disposal Costs

Often, homeowners only realize they have old and rickety gutters when they’re having their roofs repaired. You should hire the services of roof restoration companies like Perth roof restorations  to fix your roof, and have your gutter checked for problems as well. Typically, they would agree to remove and dispose the old gutter and clean the surrounding area in preparation for its replacement. Consequently, added service equates to added cost, but it’s practical to have everything checked all at the same time.

  • Labor Costs

Many homeowners who want to save money on gutter replacement decide to go the do-it-yourself (DIY) way thinking that such a project can be easily done. There is nothing wrong with it, but you should consider the consequences of just relying on online DIY tutorials. Doing it by yourself, without proper knowledge and skill might do more harm than good.

You may end up spending more if you make mistakes during the installation. For your peace of mind, consider hiring a professional to do the job like Perth gutter replacement or any other specialists in your area to ensure that your gutter is installed correctly.

  • Costs Due To Size Of Your Home

If your gutter is sagging, your basement is flooded, or you see other signs that show your gutter needs replacement, you have no choice but to call for professionals to do the job. They will give you a quote, after looking at the extent of your problem and the size of your home.

If you have a small home and need just one gutter installer, the roof specialist might charge you by the hour. However, if you have a big house or a mansion, you may expect to get billed per meter for a complete gutter replacement and installation. Bigger homes costs more because they may require special equipment and high ladders to do the job.

  • Cost Of Materials

Material costs comprise the bulk of replacing gutters. Fortunately, there are many types of gutters you can choose from based on their price points and durability. Aside from the channel and drain system, you may need other implements to protect and prolong the life of your gutter. These include gutter guards, wire mesh, and downspout screens.


Different Types of Gutter Materials

Depending on your selection, the gutter material you choose will affect your overall cost. Here are the typical gutter materials in the market today:  


Vinyl is the most affordable type of gutter, aside from its competitive price point, vinyl gutters are also easy to install. Just snap the sections together and they’re good to go. The downside is they can’t stand extreme weather and heavy loads.


It’s the most popular gutter material because it’s low cost, resistant to rust, comes in assorted colors, and easy to install. Aluminum gutters come in sections that easily attach through the use of screws, rivets, or caulk sealant. However, they are not the most durable as they can succumb to strong wind and heavy debris.


There are various kinds of steel gutters. Galvanized steel is the cheapest, and it’s coated with zinc that makes it resistant to rust for as long as 15 years. Next is Galvalume, which is an amalgamation of zinc and alloy. It’s more expensive than galvanized steel, but it’s sturdier and usually comes with a 25-year warranty against rust. If you want steel that lasts for a lifetime, choose stainless steel. This material can be expensive, but you can count on it to last several decades if maintained properly.


If you want elegance and durability, you’ll never go wrong with copper gutters. They neither rust nor require paint coating. They are durable and could last for a century, even in extreme climates. Newly installed copper can turn brown after a few months and then adopt to a ‘patina’ which is a blue-green hue after a few decades. However, if you want your copper gutter to stay gray and never change color, pick one with lead coating or tin and zinc plating. 


You can opt to use wood gutters to match the aesthetics of your log cabin or all-wood home. This material is classic and beautiful, but it’s expensive and hard to maintain because it’s prone to rotting and deterioration.

The Bottom Line

Replacing your gutter can be an expensive undertaking. It’s essential to research and financially prepare yourself before you embark on this project. The good news is that you have a choice in deciding on how to do it and what gutter material types and accessories to use based on its quality, durability, and cost. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional to do the job, because it can save you time and effort, and money as well. Make this article your guide to know all the costs that you need to consider before starting your project.

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