What Causes Construction Accidents?


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Accidents can happen at any type of workplace, but construction sites are particularly dangerous due to the range of hazards that are around. In fact, the construction industry is considered to be one of the most dangerous sectors to work in due to the relatively high number of injuries and fatalities. To find out how you can reduce the risk of injury, take a look at some of the most common construction-related accidents:

1. Falls from Height

Construction workers often work at height, either on a portable platform or on unfinished buildings. Of course, performing highly skilled work at height, with heavy machinery around, can certainly put people at risk. Although safety equipment should always be used to prevent falls, sadly this doesn’t happen 100% of the time. As a result, workers can sustain life-threatening injuries or lose their lives due to falls on site. 

2. Being Struck by an Object

Being hit by any object can cause serious injuries but when construction materials are being moved around, the risk of sustaining severe injuries increases substantially. When machinery is being used to move materials, for example, limited visibility or excess noise can make it difficult for the operator to see whether anyone is in the vicinity. Due to this, an impact can occur, and someone could sustain serious injuries. 

3. Electrocutions

When structures are being developed or renovated, power to the building may routinely be switched on or off. To prevent electrocutions, safety procedures should be put in place so that all workers are aware when the power is on. Unfortunately, procedures aren’t always followed, which can lead to injuries due to exposure to live electrical power. As well as causing serious or life-threatening injuries, a high-voltage electrocution can also cause workplace fatalities. 

Construction Accidents2

Dealing with a Construction Accident

If you work on a construction site and you’re involved in a workplace accident, it’s vital to get medical help straight away. The severity of the incident will determine whether emergency treatment is required but even relatively minor injuries should be diagnosed and treated by medical personnel. 

A supervisor or manager should be notified right away if an accident occurs on site. This will enable them to make a written record of the incident, arrange appropriate medical care and assess whether it is safe for work to continue. In some instances, construction work may need to be suspended while an investigation can be undertaken following a workplace accident. 

Taking Legal Action after a Construction Accident

As well as notifying your employer and obtaining medical treatment after construction accidents, it’s usually advisable to seek legal advice too. With help from construction accident lawyers, like Oresky & Associates, you can find out if you’re eligible to obtain personal injury compensation. What’s more – your personal injury attorneys will be able to initiate a claim and work on your behalf. 

Although the construction industry is much safer than it once was, a considerable number of accidents still occur on sites throughout the U.S. By following the relevant safety procedures and enforcing your rights, however, you can help to reduce the number of accidents and make the sector even safer. 

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