What Are the Must-Haves for Hydroponic Gardens?


Hydroponic systems are popular among commercial gardeners, but many homeowners have started to embrace the idea as an ideal way to have homegrown food plants across the year. If you are planning to enter into the hydroponics world, you’re possibly wondering what type of hydroponic garden kits, tools, and supplies you need to have.

With these garden kits, supplies, and tools, you’ll be sure to have a successful indoor farming journey. This article will discuss important things you need to have for your hydroponic garden.

Grow Lights

Grow lights are one of the must-have supplies you need in order to grow healthy plants indoors. These unique lights mimic the natural light that plants require for photosynthesis. If grow lights are missing in your indoor garden, your hydroponic plants won’t thrive.

Several types of grow lights are available out there. You need to research in order to know which type of light is ideal for your hydroponic plants. LED grow lights are increasingly popular since they use less energy and emit little heat.

Hydroponic Growing System

Different hydroponic growing systems are available to pick from. The hydroponic growing system you select depends on your garden’s size and the plant variety you are growing.

Drip, ebb and flow, wick and NFT, and deep water culture systems are the most popular. The good news is that these systems are available in physical as well as online hydroponic stores.

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Hydroponics doesn’t use soil, meaning plants need an alternative material for support, and that is where substrate comes in. Just like soil, this material holds air, water, and nutrients that plants need for healthy growth.

Both natural and man-made materials, such as pea gravel, coconut fiber, vermiculite, peat moss, sawdust, perlite, and sand, are ideal. Artificial substrate materials include expanded clay pellets and rockwool.


No plant can survive without water, whether using soil or hydroponics. Reverse osmosis water is recommended for all types of hydroponic garden systems. The reverse osmosis purification process provides water that is between 98 and 99% pure.

Pure water helps keep plant nutrients in the required balance. You also need to monitor the PH of the water using a PH test kit since this crucial component also affects plants’ health.

Air Pump and Stone

Hydroponic plants also require enough oxygen to grow and manufacture food. That’s why aeration is vital in hydroponics. You can provide much-needed aeration in varying ways, with air pump and stone being the most popular ones. The air pump pushes oxygen via a diffuser or stone and then into the hydroponic solution.

Final Thoughts

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