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What Are The Different Types Of Skip Bins Perth?

What Are The Different Types Of Skip Bins Perth?

Perth residents have been demonstrating a rise in the amount of household waste they generate. According to National waste reporting, 2013 waste generation per capita increased from 1.2 tonnes to an average of 2.2 tonnes in 2010-11. This is a substantial growth over a relatively short period. We can assume that these figures have continued to grow over the past six years since the report was published.

If you have waste that falls into this category, then to hire a skip bin is the best disposal solution. Best price skip bins are available at skip bins Perth. Even when reusing, recycling, and every other waste reduction measure in play, there will always be waste that has nowhere else to go but to landfills.

Few Skip Bin Types Are –

1. Marrel Skip Bins – Marrel skip bins are the most common type of skip bins type. They have tall sides and are generally more difficult to load as compared to other skip bin types. Marrel skips range in size from 1.5m3 and goes up to 17 m3.
Marrel Skip Bins

2. Hooklift Skip Bins – Hook lift skip bins known as walk-in skip bins are another type of skip bin. They are much longer in length than marrel skips and feature lower sides. Their most distinctive feature is a rear door that can be swung open. They offer walk-in access right into the skip, making the loading process easy.

3. Waste Removals Walk-in Skip Bin – 4 waste removals this is the type of skip bin. Unlike the hook lift skips offered by other companies, these skips feature wearing fill levels ranging from 2 cubic meters up to 12 cubic meters. Customers are charged only on the amount of waste they fill into the skip and not for the entire skip itself.

4.Mobile Skip Bins – These are new types of skip bins and smaller than both Marrel skips and hook lift skips. They are referred to as Mini skip bins. They look similar to front lift bins which are seen in industrial settings. They are transported with the help of small trailers and can be placed on the road without a permit. The typical size ranges from 3 cubic meters to 6 cubic meters.
Mobile Skip Bins
5. Skip Bags – They are quite different from other types of skip bins. And like skip bins which you hire only once these are available for long term hire. They are also a hessian bag and not a solid steel bin structure. When you order a skip bag, it will be delivered to you and waste will be removed on a periodic basis. This skip bag will remain at your location for as long as you want to.


Waste management is crucial to keep the environment clean and healthy, it is because most of the diseases occur from the bacteria and germs in your surroundings. So it is our moral responsibility to keep our surroundings as clean as possible. For this, it is essential to have a proper waste management system.

If you are looking to hire a skip bin, you can choose from 4 skip Bin types. They include marrel skips, hook lift or walk-in skips, and skip bags. At 4ways to remove the gardenscape bag walking skips are available at very affordable rates. You can book skip bins online.

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