What Are The Best Places To Live In Cleveland OH?

What Are The Best Places To Live In Cleveland OH?

Being one of the major cities in the country, Cleveland definitely comes with the perks of urban living. There is a wide range of diverse neighborhoods, so within this city, you can experience life in entirely different domains.

During the manufacturing boom, Cleveland was a heaven for the people living here and a top choice of the immigrants. Because of its proximity to the river as well as the lakeshore, it was an ideal location for the manufacturers to build their plants. Thus, giving an economic boost to this city and making it a dream place for people looking for the best jobs in the manufacturing business.

Once considered as the powerhouse of industry, Cleveland is still filled with diversity including college students, professionals, and entrepreneurs belonging to different ethnicities. In recent years, Cleveland is experiencing renaissance since the famous Lake Erie caught fire in 1969.

According to U.S. News, Cleveland ranks at 104th place in Best Places to Live and 58th place in Best Places to Retire. Thus, buying a house in Cleveland with the intention to live here on a long-term basis sounds to be one of the best investments of your life. Some of the best neighborhoods to watch out for homes for sale in Cleveland, OH are:

Chagrin Falls


For parents who are doing well in their careers, Chagrin Falls is a dream zip code because of its routinely high-ranked schools and colleges. The district schools set a very high standard in public education and ensure a very healthy student life for your child.

Diversity is rare with 98% of the population constituting of white people. The homes are not newly built but showcase a very refine architecture of the 19th century. It comes with family-friendly entertainment and allows residents to enjoy community time in the evening.

Brooklyn Heights

This charming, small suburb is home to some lovely Colonial and craftsman style homes which were popular in the last century. While the houses may give a primitive appearance, they have a very cozy and welcoming feel to them. One of the highlights of this neighborhood is the low crime rate making it safe to travel during odd times too.

It is an ideal place for small families or parents with little children because of the variety of recreational opportunities available. Hiking along the water at Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation and annual holiday festivals are a smart way to stay connected to the already closely-knit community.

Rocky River


The neighborhood of Rocky River is a home buyer’s dream come true. Boasting some of the best schools in the country, having a negligible crime rate, and some of the most aesthetically appealing houses, Rocky River has everything which you would like for a peaceful life. While the homes are a bit small, they are priced a bit higher than the average at $215,000 median price.

Given the amenities and the short traveling distance to all the important places, the price doesn’t sound to be too intimidating. There is a homogeneous mixture of affluent families with two or three children, giving you a greater chance to blend in the community. The recreational activities for residents include swimming, boating, and fishing.


Tremont is listed as one of the top historic places in the National Register. It is located in the oldest part of Cleveland and used to have a fairly large German population. This might not be an ideal location for families but if you are an independent spirit, this place has a lot to offer you in terms of entertainment.

Young couples and progressive empty-nesters will find solace in this place because of its sleek condos and a variety of places to enjoy the night. One can find numerous historic churches and art galleries, making it an absolute delight for anyone who has an interest in history or arts. There is a mix of blue-collar workers, young professionals, architects, and art lovers in this area.

University Heights

Home to the John Carroll University, this place is also one of the most livable places in Cleveland. It will not be an exaggeration to term this area as the hub of beautiful homes because all the Colonial, craftsman, and Tudor style homes are a delight to the eyes.

The community enjoys a lot of visitors in the form of students from the university. Thus, the area is full of life with everyone enjoying a number of outdoor activities. The concerts and events held at the John Carroll Campus are another attraction apart from the usual city mall.


Choosing the right neighborhood has a lot to do with the size of your family and your own distinct taste. There are plenty of homes for sale in Cleveland OH but go for such a neighborhood where life would be fun and entertaining for you and your family.

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