What are Lineman Boots and Why Do You Need Them

Lineman boots are one of the best footwear a lineman and people who are involved in the business of cable installation, tree service works, or arboriculture could have. They are designed especially for the lineman to provide excellent support while working. However, they are also quite popular among motorcyclists who are fond of leather patch works and look for more support rather style while riding.

Lineman Boots are made up of cowhide leather. They are extra heavy which is the reason why they have additional support and stability. Although most of the times they are sold unlined, you could also find their lined version with leather or Cambrelle fabric. No matter whether they are unlined or lined, you would always find double or extra steel shanks in them. They make the boots stiff under the instep which is a must-have feature to prohibit them to flex when standing on ladder or pole rungs.

The traditional lineman boots consist of lace from the toe to the top in a crossed pattern. The usual height of the boot ranges from 14” to 20”. However, you may also find them in high crotch style up to 38”. Generally, people who want more stylish lineman boots prefer boots with more height where the crossed pattern of lace is more detailed and intense.

How different parts of lineman boots help the user

The lineman boots are designed and accommodated in such a way that they can be used by lineman while climbing spikes or gaffs. Some of the essential parts of the lineman boots and their functionality are:

  • Leather side patches: It protects the toe from abrasion while climbing. Whether you are climbing on a pole or tree, it will make sure that your toes remain safe.
    Steel side plates: The feet are entirely protected from the possibility of scratches during the climb mainly in the iron.
  • Heavy steel shank: It allows the user to bear his full weight without any hassle or chances of an accident. The sole doesn’t flex due to which the chances of discomfort seize completely.
  • Heel breastplate: It keeps the gaff from grinding into the leather heel.
  • Leather half slip: Lineman boots are equipped with an extra insole component called as leather half slip to add to the support on the arch of the feet.

Generally, lineman boots come in black color, but you may also find them in redwood or brown color. Besides, you may customize your lineman boots as per the preference and add certain features like:

  • Steel safety toes for enhancing the protection of toes
  • Leather lining for added support to the arch of the feet
  • Lace to toe or regular toe
  • Insulated lining so that you may wear it even in the cold weather
  • Silver, nickel or black lacing studs to give it a stylish look
  • Traditional tan or black laces for maintaining the sobriety of the boots
  • Stitching in khakhi, yellow, black or brown for intensifying the outlook
  • Different sole patterns to give it a different look
  • Height as high as 38”.

It is considered that you must not wear a lineman boot in the snow or extremely cold weather. It is because they are made up of cowhide leather. It tends to harden up when exposed to below freezing temperature. It could make walking very tough in the snow or ice and may enhance the chances of slipping or other accidents.

So, if you are also indulged in the work as a lineman, it’s time to buckle up yourself with the best lineman boots. It will make your job easy and provide excellent support to the toes and feet. Protecting them from abrasion and endowing extra stability a lineman boot is the footwear made just for a lineman.

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