What are LED Grow Lights?

You might have heard of LED grow lights and are wondering what they are. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These are lights that are used by indoor growers in order to stimulate plants to grow in an inside environment as opposed to outside. One of the best benefits of using them is that they are capable of emitting light that can be focused so that none of it is lost. They differ from incandescent bulbs in that they do not produce light by burning a filament but by utilizing semiconductors to produce either a light spectrum that resembles that of the Sun, or one that is more suited for the specific plants that someone is cultivating such as marijuana.

LEDs contain two different kinds of semiconductors in order to produce light, one has a negative charge that is referred to as an electron, and the other has a positive charge that is referred to as a hole. Indoor growers sometimes use these types of lights alone to grow their plants, but some of them also combine them with natural light or other kinds of lights to achieve their purpose. But more and more people are switching to the latest thing: COB grow lights.

What are COB LEDs?

What are COB LEDs

COB LED Lights are said to be superior to previous versions, but what exactly are they? COB stands for chip on board. These lights are designed with multiple LED chips in order to produce one module. Since these chips are placed strategically, they take up less space and are extremely efficient. When these COB units are used, you would think that you are using a panel with various traditional LED lights. So what does this mean for those of us who grow plants such as marijuana?

Full Spectrum COB Grow lights

Basically, COB Grow Lights provide us with a real full spectrum of light that is much more efficient for our plants’ growth since they produce a wattage output of at least 10% more than traditional LED grow lights. This means that we can produce more because our plants will grow faster. Another thing that makes these grow lights much more attractive is that they take up less space because of their smart design.

Common Uses For LED Grow Lights

It is very common to see grow lights being used for horticulture and indoor gardening; this is usually seen in industries but can also appear in normal households, most notably to help in the process of growing cannabis. LED grow lights have been used for years but cannabis growers are not unanimous about their utility; some are absolutely convinced that they are the best light source for their purposes, but others have doubts about the quality of the cannabis that they produce when using LED grow lights. COB LED Grow Lights can be a game changer in this area because of their increased efficiency.

Advantages Of Using COB LED Grow Lights

Advantages Of Using COB LED Grow Lights

COB LED grow lights are growing in popularity because of their many advantages. When you choose to use COB LED grow light for your plants, these are some of the benefits that you will get.

A faster harvest cycle

One of the biggest advantages of COB LED grow lights is that you can use them all day without the temperature going up. When plants happen to be growing inside, they have no way of knowing what season it is, aside from what you choose to show them and they behave accordingly. By using COB LED lights, you can change the daylight hours according to your needs and to improve your plant’s growth rate. You can choose to grow auto flowering plants and achieve multiple harvests in one season, which would not be possible otherwise.

A Longer Lifespan

Because they work at a very low temperature, LED grow lights last longer than other kinds of lights, usually over 50,000 hours. And this continues to be true of COB Grow Lights. Other lights are known to work at much higher temperatures, which causes them to have a much shorter lifespan. You will be able to use COB LED grow light a lot longer, thus avoiding the hassle of having to change your lights too often.

Energy Savings

COB LED Grow Lights are also much more efficient, lowering your overall costs. Depending on the quality of the COB LED lights that you employ, you can save about 75% and get the same amount of light. This is due to the fact that they do not have to burn a filament in order to provide you with light. You will certainly see this benefit reflected when you get your energy bill.

Your Plants Will Be Healthier

You can modify the wavelength of your COB LED lights. When you choose to use COB LED grow lights, you are limiting wavelengths that can cause your plants harm, making this an ideal choice for growing plants. After all the work that goes into growing plants, you would not want to use a light source that is going to be counter-productive.

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