What are Front Facades and How to Choose Them?

The word facade is derived from the Italian word “facciata,” which means “outside” or “all of the building’s external aspects.” The phrase is referred to a house’s primary or front facade. Along with the roof, it is the most crucial and important component of a structure since it acts as the primary barrier against external weather variables that could damage the structure’s health, such as snow, rain, frosts, wind, and sunlight.

It’s vital to choose a facade system that protects against these hazards while simultaneously reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs, and improving occupant comfort. The home’s style and personality, as well as how it is seen in the streetscape, are all influenced by the facade. 

In this article, you will read about the front facade, what is it and how to choose them as per your requirement?

What is a Facade?

The front or outside of a building or other structure that is visible to the public is known as a facade. A building’s front facade may be significantly distinct from the other sides. Its size, form, colour, and adornment are all intended to impress. Because of their aesthetic appeal, they are a popular choice for most homes, and they can transform an average home into something amazing.

The architectural style determines the shape, colour, and decoration of the facade. A striking crimson facade with white trim, for example, would be found on an Italian villa. Choosing the front facade is critical to choose since they determine the look and value of your house.

What’s Different?

Superior Product

It stands out for its exceptional strength, longevity, and ease of installation. It is incredibly tough, light, and long-lasting.

Elegant Design

With over 80 colours to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless. On request, textures, sizes, and colours can be created and altered.

Low Water Absorption

A remarkable low water absorption rate (less than 0.1 per cent) results in a fully weather-resistant material that requires virtually little maintenance.

Front Facades 2


With the front facade, you will be provided with excellent sound protection, with acoustic benefits of roughly 4 dBA in the 1000 Hz region, with the circulation layer enhancing the noise barrier effect.

How to Choose Them?

It’s all about balance when it comes to planning the front of your house. Materials, colours, features, lighting, and landscaping are all important factors to consider, and they should all work together. For example, you may prefer exposed rendered finish or brickwork, natural wood or cladding – all of these aspects must complement the features and color you select. 

Naturally, the exterior of each property will differ, with some designs suited to smaller homes and vice versa. Take notice of the particular dimensions of your design of choice before making a final selection to choose the best-looking front facade for your property. 


The landscaping and lighting you choose to incorporate around the exterior of your new residence will really enhance the image. Front facade, soft lightening and walls, columns, or even your brick stacks will make your home a focal point on your street at night.

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