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Wellington Point: Best Spots You Can Visit

Wellington Point: Best Spots You Can Visit

The Duke of Wellington in 1815 fought Napoleon along with the British army in the Battle of Waterloo; this is where the inspiration came from for Wellington Point’s name.

Life at Wellington Point is quiet, but there are a lot of places to go to if you want to go on a date, or just sightseeing. It is easy to go to the Gold coast as there are trips to the location through the Gateway.

There are a lot of great houses for sale in Wellington Point, as well as easy access to Capalaba where people can do their shopping. There is Myer/DJ’s Garden City or Carindale if you would like to take a walk around the suburb.

Why visit?

Why visit

Wellington Point Reserve

First up is the Wellington Point Reserve that offers a beautiful view of the ocean. There are also a lot of safe spots that your children can play in without worrying that they will get sunburned. If you are into fishing, there is a jetty where you can fish.

If you would like to bring anything to eat or cook, you can find some areas where you can barbecue, but if you are feeling a bit peckish, there are restaurants you can eat from near the reserve.

You can also find a playground nearby where your kids can play, and they are protected here from direct sunlight as the area is full of huge Banyan Fig trees. Do not think that your children will be the only ones to enjoy themselves here, as it provides a great view of the ocean.

Whepstead Manor

If you would like to be a bit adventurous, Whepstead Manor is the place you can go to if you are into the paranormal. From the original owners to being made into a convalescence hospital in 1936, there have been numerous supernatural sightings over the years.

King Island

You can visit King Island as well if you are up for it. While going to the Island, you can go through Cleveland, and there are restaurants where you can eat and see blue-eyed honeyeaters that often clean the plates left by diners.

You will see a lot of signs when you get to King Island, which can tell you a lot about the history of the place, and what you might be able to see.

Buying a house in Wellington Point

Buying a house in Wellington Point
Asides from the scenic and recreational spots you can go to, the allure of viewing the beautiful houses for sale in Wellington Point is magnificent, and travelling to and from the city is excellent no matter which mode of travel you use.

As an outdoor person, you would feel at ease with the location because there are places you can go to for walks with your dog or your special someone. There is also an open-air gym where you can see a great view of the bay while doing your exercise.

There is also the Sovereign Waters Estate, where you can look at purple-breasted hens that nest around the area. The Birkdale park is perfect for pet owners as you can safely let your dog off the leash here so that they can play with other dogs.

It is the best choice especially for people who work at home and are tired of battling the daily commute. The regular respite that the sceneries offer around the area is a welcome thought for everyone who decides to change locations.

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