Weed Control – Effective Tips for Better Results and When is The Right Time

If you have cut off the weeds just after the harvest season, you have to wait for a few weeks so that there are new leaf tissues. You can give some time to these tissues to absorb the herbicides. And experts say that around 4 to 6 weeks is the ideal time for this.

In this article, find out more about the same under the topics,

  1. The ideal time for weed control.
  2. Effective tips for weed control.

So, let us take one sub-topic at a time in the paragraphs that follow-

The ideal time for weed control

The ideal time for weed control

It is best and beneficial to wait for the leaf tissue to grow again if you are attempting to tame the perennial weeds. Right from mid-September is the ideal time when you can start spraying to control weeds like thistles and dandelions.

It can continue until October. However, make sure that while you are attempting to clean up the weeds, the risk of destroying the healthy leaf tissues always remains. So, you must address that with utmost care.

You can use glyphosate to control the perennial weeds. Interestingly, on a warm and sunny day, you can expect to get better results because herbicides work best under such weather conditions. Aside from glyphosate, you can also opt for other varieties of systemic herbicides.

Annual winter weeds like cleavers, stork’s bill, hawk’s beard, and sow thistle can be controlled in October till the time freezing temperatures set in. An important aspect that you must keep in mind while weed control activity is underway is weed staging.

In most cases, homeowners opt for a professional weed control service for a better outcome. And this does make sense because these professionals are skilled in the same.

Effective tips for weed control

Effective tips for weed control
Check out these tips below-

  • If you find that before the professional arrives, the weeds are getting out of control, it is best is to chop-off the weed heads. Ideally, you can use pruning loppers for the same. This will also ensure that you are not letting them grow into seeds and they are removed long before that.
  • If the spacing between the plants is close, there is a tendency for the weeds to get choked. Try not to make the spacing weed-friendly so that they do not get support to thrive. The usual tips for planting plants or a bush is that when they grow fully, the spacing must be such that there is space for the adjoining plants to grow freely too.
  • When you water the plants, do not provide water to the weeds. In this way, they will be water-starved, thereby restricting them from growing to their full size.

If you are planning to hire the services of a professional weed control service provider, check their quality of work. Most importantly, find out whether or not they offer maintenance services where they clean-up the weeds from time to time.

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