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Wayzata Cottage Home Interior Design By Grace Hill

If you want to revamp the look of your home and are looking for some inspiration then you have landed on just the right page. Recently we find an interior decor upgrade at the Wayzata Cottage Home and today we will reveal all the details about this stunning home interior design project. So let’s get started.

Project Year: 2015
Project Cost: $1,000,001 – $1,500,000
Country: United States
Architect and Design By Grace Hill Design

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Living Room:

Television is a integral part of living room and really a most important gadget while gathering between friends but having good HDTV is not always enough to boost your investment in your expensive HDTV you should buy a good HDTV antenna so you get the most of your TV. The two words that instantly come to mind once one see this living room interior are; modern and cozy. Yes, that has precisely been the aim while designing this space of the house. See the color coordination and how every piece in the room aligns with that, not that we are saying to bombard your living room with matching interior. That would be a disaster. Instead focus on the subtle mix and match, the brown of the wooden wall complementing the champagne color palette of the sofa set. Moreover, see how the walls are not left unattended. The paintings just complete the overall look don’t they? Lastly we will bring your attention to the importance of lighting in the living room. See how the placement of the table lamps and the wall lamps help in creating the cozy aura of the living room which makes the whole family wants to sit there which is precisely the purpose of this room.

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Wayzata Cottage Home Living Room

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Wayzata Cottage Home Bedroom Interior Design


The two words for the kitchen interior at first sight are; Orderly and pretty. In contemporary home interior design projects more and more focus is now being paid to the designing and decorating of the kitchen space. Yes that’s correct. What with its increasing size and the space becoming more open to the rest of the house, it is important that you pay attention to keeping your kitchen easily accessible and pretty to look at. See how the pretty factor is added with the help of those modern stunning chandeliers. The white cabinets are the all time, all seasons favorite. They not only create and illusion of a wider space but also make is looks cleaner and fuss-free. Another tiny yet significant detail in the kitchen is the lighting above the shaker cabinet. The centre table is gorgeous completely going with those quirky blue high stools. Lastly, the factor which is keeping the entire interior of the kitchen intact is the wooden flooring. Not agreeing? Focus on the picture again.

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Kitchen White Drawer and Door

Marble Kitchen Island With Seating

Simple Chair Design For Kitchen Island

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White Kitchen Design With Wooden Floor

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The two words that aptly describe the bathroom interior are; Clean and simple. The gigantic mirror and the modern set of lamps are the two features that you should definitely install at your place right away. They are the x factors for the bathroom interior. No kidding. Other than that see how fuss-free the whole design is. The color combination is plain yet sophisticated, something you can’t get tired of very quickly.

Chic Bathroom decor

Large Mirror in Bathroom

Two Large Mirror Decor in Bathroom

So this is the brief insight into the home interior decorating and design from Wayzata Cottage Home. Try it out and you won’t have to be disappointed of making the decision.

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