Ways to Style a Headsarf Perfectly

We all experience bad hair days, where all we want to do is pull back our hair and survive the look.

But why just survive the day when you can play with some basic accessories and rock your outlook? Headscarves have made their way into the style industry and they are one of the best hair accessories to opt for. With just a little bit of an effort, you can style your hair in a chic way. There is a wide variety of affordable headscarves at Billy J that promise to save the day for you and make your attire look bomb.com.

Quick and Stylish ways to Style a Headscarf:

Having some basic colored head scarves can be a day savior for all the girls. Here are some quick ways to style a headscarf and make your bad hair days, turn into great ones.


Twisted Turban:

Twisted turban is an easy yet chic way to style your headscarf. Simply place the scarf at the back of your neck and hold the bends in the front. Cross both the ends, over one another. Twist them for again so that the end you began with, ends up in the same hand. Secure it at the end of your neck tightly and your greasy hair is now tied up in a stylish way.

Retro Styled Twist:

Just place the headscarves on your head and twist it in a small bowl, at the front and you are good to go. This will look good in plain colored headscarves. Finalize the look with a bold lip color and you are good to go. Simple, easy and quick yet very elegant.

Bouffant Style:

Another stylish way to do your headscarf is the bouffant style. It is inspired by Dolce & Gabbana and looks very modish. All you have to do is fold your scarf into thirds and tie it around your hair. It will keep your frizzy hair at the bay and help you achieve a very sophisticated yet glamorous look.


Go Bold with Prints:

Printed head scarves look absolutely chic and add the required pop of style to your overall appearance. Pairing up a plain outfit with printed head scarves can be the best statement look to opt for. It looks absolutely modish and adds the required spark to your appearance too. Nobody will bother about your greasy or frizzy hair and the printed scarf will save the day for you.


Headscarves are the best hair accessories to opt for, if you have hair issues. If your hair acts stubborn and doesn’t cooperate with you often then your wardrobe must have a couple of headscarves so that you can quickly pair them up with any outfit. A stylish head scarf is all you need to turn your boring outlooks into something chic and fun. Create your own vibe by styling scarves in different ways and you will definitely love the outcome! And oh, your friends will definitely praise you for trying a different look too.

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