Ways to Spice Up Your Living Space

Spicing up your living space is a fun way to make your home a more beautiful place to live. However, you may not know where to start. There are several tips below that you can use to decorate or redecorate your home. When you add these things to the house, your home becomes a great place to visit, to live, and to entertain. Plus, you can add specific items to the home that serve as conversation starters.

Add Some Stylish Area Rugs

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Oriental rugs are exciting. These rugs mix several colors and designs into one frame. You can add a rug to your living room to introduce more color in the room. You could put smaller rugs under some nice pieces of furniture, or even a larger one under your dining room table. Find a runner and cover-up that long narrow hallway in style.

The mixture of hardwood floors and area rugs is an excellent way to make your home feel more alive. Using only hardwood floors makes the house seem big and empty; using only carpeting makes the house feel small and old. Using a combination of the two is a modern take on flooring.

Paint The Walls With Patterns And Stripes

Do not be afraid to paint your walls with patterns and stripes. You can use carpenter’s tape to create stripes on the walls, or you could paint your walls a unique plaid. You can even opt for more creative ideas and make a unique mural. Mixing colors makes the entire room look more appealing.

Use one wall in every room as an accent wall. You do not want to cover every wall with unique colors and patterns because that feels overwhelming. However, a few accent walls draw the attention of your guests. You can add shelves to the accent walls, or you hang unique art pieces on your accent walls.

Buy A Few Unique Furniture Pieces

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You should add a few unique furniture pieces to the house that people will want to sit on, lie on, or use. You could put a retro chair in the living room that all your guests sit in. You might get retro stools for your counter, or you could buy an old hall tree where you hang your coats. Each of these pieces will start a conversation with your guests, and you can bring back old styles that you remember from your parents’ home.

Add Better Light Fixtures

You should add better light fixtures to your home that look and feel modern. Modern fixtures make it feel like you are in a contemporary hotel, and modern fixtures use soft LED lights. LED lights last for a long time, and the soft light in your house makes it easier to read.

If you work from home, you need soft lights that will not hurt your eyes during the day. Light fixtures draw the attention of your guests, and soft lights welcome your guests when they visit for parties, appointments, or reunions.

Create A Library

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You do not need to dedicate one room for a library when you can use built-in shelves in one room. Hanging shelves on the wall helps you build a library where all your books are located. Your guest can thumb through the books on the wall while they wait for you to make a drink, or you could access your books easily if you need something to read.


You can create a beautiful and unique home using the tips listed above. Spicing up your home requires you to think outside the box, buy unique pieces, and arrange your home in a new way. You can add a library to an open wall, or you could use retro furniture as a reminder of your parents’ house. Plus, you could use Oriental rugs to bring the rooms together, paint an accent wall just for fun, or add art to the house that will stun your guests.

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