Waterbed – The Health Benefits



Why choose a waterbed?

We spend a third of our lives in bed. Therefore a healthy, peaceful night’s sleep is of great importance for our ability to recover. A night of good sleep provides an increased quality of life and well-being.

The right bed is, therefore, a good investment in your health and quality of life.

Waterbeds and Allergies

A waterbed is, among other things, an advantage / good idea if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, has back problems, or arthritis.

A waterbed is an allergy-friendly choice, partly because moisture does not accumulate in the mattress. The heat from the mattress’ heating system quickly causes the moisture to evaporate, as opposed to a foam mattress that absorbs much of the moisture you excrete at night.

Waterbed allergy-friendly A water mattress is easy to clean as the cover can be zipped off and washed in the washing machine, and the vinyl mattress itself can be washed off with a cloth. This removes skin particles easily, and house dust mites cannot live on the mattress’s surface.

The high level of hygiene and the easily accessible cleaning means that allergens are reduced.

Ensure the waterbed is Oeko-Tex standard 100, which ensures that textiles and vinyl are tested free of harmful substances.

Waterbed and Back Problems

A waterbed is also great for people with back problems. The waterbed can be tailored specifically to your needs by choosing, among other things, lumbar support, cushioning levels, and the hardness of the water mattress.

The water mattress provides full-body support and shapes itself entirely to your body, and together with the heat from the water mattress, it helps the back and joints for complete relaxation.

Today, you can get water beds with individual adaptation to fit the damping, water volume, and temperature precisely to your needs. It is also possible to choose two-part mattresses if you and your partner want different cushions and temperatures, or if there is a big difference in weight between you.

Waterbed and Arthritis


The chronic pain that is often associated with an arthritic disease can cause (often causes) poor sleep with subsequent fatigue, which in the long run reduces the quality of life for people with arthritis. A good night’s sleep can relieve fatigue. And here, a waterbed can be a good idea.

The water mattress’s ability to relieve the pressure is also good for people with swollen and sore joints. This, combined with the heat from the water mattress, can ease arthritis pain and contribute to increased life quality.

If you choose a water bed with a soft side frame, it is easy to get down in the bed and up again.

Another advantage of a water bed is the mild heat from the water mattress, which has a calming and therapeutic effect.


All this together means that you get better sleep and wake up rested with increased well-being and more significant life quality. Whether you have allergies, back problems, arthritis, or want good undisturbed sleep, a water bed is a right choice.

There are today a lot of ​​options for choosing just the waterbed that suits your needs.

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