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Aside from the glamour and luxury diamonds provide, keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult. In the world of diamonds, ignorance can lead to great consequences. There is therefore the need to learn more about diamonds, their designs, and the latest auctioning. Rare Carat, the leading online diamond industry, is here to give all updates relating to diamonds. What’s even better is that Rare Carat offers a gemologist check on diamonds. These checks help customers with their purchases. In this article, we will take a look at how to keep up with the latest diamond news as customers follow us on X formerly known as Twitter, explore the record-breaking big diamond auctioning, and learn more about diamonds.

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Rare Carat has an updated account on X. On their X handle, they give customers a preview of what they have to offer. Earring diamonds, pendants engagement rings, and other diamonds are displayed on their X handle. Clients who have also purchased diamonds give their reviews on X. Some customers were so happy with the service of Rare Carat that they shared how amazing the website is and will recommend Rare Carat to others. Rare Carat engages customers by conducting interviews with their gemologists. The gemologists talk about their favorite diamond shapes and how to look out for them. So, a customer can go to Rare Carat’s X page and find a lot of information there to help them with their diamond purchase. What makes the experience heart-touching is the fact that Rare Carat also takes the opportunity to appreciate their customers on X. They appreciate the love and support they get from customers and this has been a force for them to work and give customers nothing but the best. Follow us on X to make sure you are up to date with the latest diamond trends in the industry. 

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Big Diamonds

Rare Carat currently sits in the online diamond industry with the biggest sale. They sold a big diamond worth $2.5 million. What makes this more surprising is that the buyer said he got a bargain. This 21-carat diamond ring was big about the size of a quarter. Rare Carat allowed for a gemologist to check the diamond to make sure it lived up to the quality. He disclosed that the round diamond was flawless and brilliant. The 21-carat diamond that was sold for a record $2.5 million would have sold for a million dollars more at a different diamond jewelry brand. But Rare Carat after all the inspection and detailing sold it to Mark for just $2.5 million. No wonder Mark said he had a bargain on the big diamond. Mark saved almost $700,000 by purchasing the ring from Rare Carat and that’s a steal. Mark is a happy man and this is the happiness Rare Carat wants to extend to all customers and potential customers. Rare Carat holds this record because it is trusted when it comes to buying diamonds online. 

Learn More

Rare Carat understands that both clients and potential clients will require some knowledge when it comes to purchasing diamonds. Rare Carat has a section on its website dedicated to clients who would like to learn more about diamonds. Customers can learn more about how to use the Rare Carat website for all their diamond-related needs. Customers get educated on the 4Cs (clarity, color, cut, carat weight) characteristics used to grade and price diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and natural diamonds. Clients get to also learn more about diamond shapes and sizes. Rare Carat provides a comprehensive education on all these. 

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Rare Carat is the leading online diamond industry for a reason and that is providing nothing but the best to customers. Their services include an all-round education on diamonds. They are with you every step of the way leading you to that desired diamond. Follow us on X, learn more about the big diamond sales and auctions, and be happy just like all customers. They give customers the authority to customize their diamonds into any shape or design. With Rare Carat what clients want is what they get just like Mark buying a record $2.5 million diamond ring. With Rare Carat’s team of experts, the right diamond to meet your needs is just a click away.

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