Want to Avoid a Car Accident? These Driving Tips Will Help

Whether you drive for a living, or you drive the kids to school and back each day, getting from A to B using your car is the norm for a lot of people. Sadly, it comes with a whole host of dangerous possibilities. From breaking down at the side of the road to dealing with other frustrated and impatient road users and of course, getting caught up in a car accident.

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You may have passed your driving test recently or you could be a well-experienced driver, either way, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of driving safety and ways to avoid a road accident. Read on for simple driving tips that will help keep you safe on the

Always stick to the speed limit

Always stick to the speed limit

Did you know that the majority of accidents happen within a 5-mile radius of home? This is often because the familiarity of the roads gives you underlying overconfidence and in turn, you can subconsciously start speeding. Even exceeding the speed limit by a couple of mph could have serious consequences, especially if you’re driving through built-up areas or near schools. Always stick to the speed limit, and don’t allow pushy, impatient drivers to force you into breaking the law.

Keep your distance from other drivers

We all know how frustrating it is when you’re being tailgated by someone impatient. But it’s something that a lot of us are guilty of. If someone is driving slowly in front of you, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid driving up behind them. However, if they were to suddenly brake or turn without indicating then you could go into the back of them.

Be wary of distractions

Kids in the back, even pets in the front seat, smartphones, the radio and loud chatter from your friend beside you. There are so many distractions to be mindful of when you’re behind the wheel. So, if you want to avoid a crash, you should try your best to minimise them.

Don’t always rely on technology

Side cameras, parking sensors and reversing cameras. Technological advancements have certainly made driving easier. However, we can’t always rely on them and you continue to use your own eyes and your own judgment before turning or completing a manoeuvre.


Always wear a seatbelt! The amount of people who still drive without buckling up is shocking. Wearing a seatbelt will help reduce the severity of your injuries and even save your life!


How do you keep yourself safe on the road? If you believe you’ve been injured in a car accident and you weren’t to blame then you should consider speaking to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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