Vinyl Flooring – The New Secret Weapon in Home Design


Flooring has always been such a key feature within home design, being that one factor that balances a room out and holds the design together. Along with this flooring in the home must also balance stylistic elements with practicality and usability – a responsibility which no other factor an interior design holds.

This makes the choice of flooring within the home extremely important, as there are so many factors that go into the choice.

After all there are so many questions to consider when making your choice. Will it fit with the design? is it future proof? is it easy to clean? how easy will it be to maintain? All of these factors can influence the style of flooring that you implement in your interior design.

This combined with the wide and ever-expanding list of choices available including carpets to solid wood, laminate and even engineered wood flooring, makes this decision even harder than before.

However there is now an alternative flooring option for the home, one that is quickly becoming a new weapon in the world of interior design – Vinyl Flooring.

Now Vinyl has always had a slight stigma associated with it, with many designers turning their noses up at it – feeling it is merely an alternative and a holding period between installing a more venerable flooring option.

Yet with time this reputation seems to be waning as more and more homeowners are incorporating this type of flooring as integral parts of their home design.

But why is this now the case?

1. Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness
The unforgiving truth about flooring is that it is expensive. No matter where you go outfitting an entire room could go into the hundreds at least and even into the thousands depending on the space needed. However, one of advantages of vinyl is that is a little easier on the wallet than some of the more exotic wood flooring alternatives.

2. Versatility

Another great benefit of vinyl flooring tiles is that they are suitable for multiple rooms in the home. From the living room all the way to the bathroom, vinyl floor tiles are suitable for each and every room thanks to its easy to install and maintain design.

This makes it one of the most efficient flooring types on the market, as a single batch can potentially outfit multiple rooms, reducing waste and potentially saving you money in the process.

3. User friendly design

User friendly design
Another fantastic upside to vinyl flooring is its user-friendly nature. First of all is that the installation process is incredibly user friendly and flexible; as it can be installed as a floating floor utilising a click system or glued down directly down to a subfloor.

Beyond this vinyl flooring is very easy to maintain with most spillages and water damage not being much of an issue thanks to its waterproof design, along with being slightly more scratch resistant unlike a lot of its laminate and hardwood contemporaries.

4. Home design potential

Home design potential
Due to vinyl flooring essentially imitating the look of both natural hardwood flooring and floor tiles, it provides the potential for you to add unique and characteristic designs to your home that may otherwise be out of reach due to expense or home circumstances.

This combined with the above factors means that you have a large amount of creative freedom, with room to experiment to find just the right design for, incorporating wood or stone tile looks that may be impossible with other flooring options.

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