Various Styles of Bed to Consider for your Renovation Project


Styles of Bed 2

The bed is the central feature of the bedroom and if you are planning a boudoir revamp, beds come in all styles and sizes. If you are looking for something that is both comfortable and stylish, we have listed a few popular bed styles to consider for your bedroom revamp.

  • Four Poster – The ultimate in elegance and luxury, a four-poster really sets the scene for a medieval setting; with fine lace screens that can be parted like curtains; check out the timber beds made in Australia by an established supplier. Of course, the best is never going to be cheap, a decent four-poster will last a lifetime and some!

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  • King Size – The king mattress is 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width, making it the largest standard size. A choice of steel or timber frame, the king comes with or without a headboard and most couples prefer a king-size bed.
  • Queen Size – The 80 x 60 inch mattress is big enough for most couples and is even a favourite for solo sleepers; trending right now are floor level beds and you can view a stunning range of beds with a Google search. Click here for timber bedroom design ideas.
  • Twin – This is the smallest mattress at 75 x 38 inches, which is popular with kids and solos in studio apartments. Metal frames that bolt together are popular, with or without a headboard.
  • Bunk Beds – Pine timber with a detachable ladder, most of us slept in bunks at some time in our lives and this is ideal for limited space kids bedrooms.
  • Air Beds – These are actually popular with single people who live in a studio apartment; a fully inflated air bed can be stood on end and leant against a wall and when its time for bed, simply clear the space and lower the air bed and you’re good to go.
  • Divan Beds – Raised off the ground, there are sliding drawers under the mattress, ideal for storing quilts, blankets and sheets. Very popular in apartments due to the storage capacity, these are usually made from timber.
  • Ottoman Beds – A hinged mattress with hydraulic movement, the Ottoman offers huge storage space and they come in king & queen sizes. Find a leading Australian timber bed supplier and check out their amazing range of Ottoman beds.

Styles of Bed 2

A comfortable bed is essential for good health & well-being and it is always wise to test out a mattress before ordering.

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