Valyou Furniture: Fastest Growing US Furniture Company Sets Ambitious Goals for 2022



Valyou Furniture is a prodigy in the furniture world as its business model has turned it into the fastest-growing US furniture company. Its history is brief but phenomenal, its prospects–breathtaking given its track record. It was founded only four years ago out of the desire to provide affordable, high-quality furniture and home decor items to Hawaiian residents who were forced to deal with the typical ‘island” situation of a limited supply and sky-high prices for furniture imported to the islands. 


Having established itself as a reliable go-to furniture supplier for the islanders who regarded Valyou as a godsend (as free shipping is a bonus for them), with two showrooms in Hawaii and a manufacturing base in the continental US, Valyou focused on online retail. The Nevada distribution hub and warehouse served as a launching pad for Valyou’s conquest of the continent. The following figures speak for its online store’s fantastic progress. While last year’s sales totaled $5MM, Valyou has sold $70MM worth of furniture this year to date, demonstrating a breathtaking 1,400-percent growth. Valyou’s next year’s sales target is $250MM. Such dynamics have been fuelled by Valyou’s aggressive adding of new products. While an average furniture company launches 10-100 new pieces every year, Valyou added 600 this year alone. 

One may call Valyou a “fast-fashion” furniture company as it rolls out new lines and even brands with an amazing speed. The notion of fast fashion has penetrated not only the fashion industry, but the furniture and home decor sector may also be among them. Quality and craftsmanship are often sacrificed to mass-produce a cheap and shoddy product that will not last long yet will have an immediate appeal. No matter how fast Valyou rolls out new items, the company never sacrifices quality for quantity. Hundreds of customer reviews attest to that. So, on the one hand, Valyou is a fast-fashion furniture manufacturer; on the other, it has all the attributes of high fashion. 


The company has ambitious plans for 2022, as it is about to launch 1,500 new products, four new brands, an outdoor, children’s furniture, and mattresses lines among them, to name a few.

Valyou is expanding its logistical network, too, to accommodate the burgeoning sales. It used to have one distribution hub in Nevada, which is now closed, but last year, it opened three new distribution centers in New Jersey, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles. 

As the furniture market is expected to grow due to the rising demand for high-quality furnishings, Valyou recently opened two new factories in Indonesia, known for its furniture-making traditions, and one mega-factory in Mexico solely to manufacture their new sofa collection that will be launched next year.

To learn more about Valyou Furniture’s current and upcoming collections, visit their website and Instagram page.

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