Using Storage Baskets Effectively

Whoever created baskets must have been looking for practical solutions to storage challenges. The beauty of baskets is that you can use them for storage no matter what. Here’s how we can use storage baskets effectively.


Use baskets to declutter your tabletops and work stations. For example, instead of keeping magazines on the coffee table, have a storage basket for them and place it next to the coffee table. This prevents you from having to clear up the table when hosting to place teacups and snacks while still keeping the magazines within reach.

In the bathroom, having your toothpaste, combs, shaving machines, and other items lying around can be quite an eyesore. Arranging them together in a basket de-clutters the space for you, giving you peace of mind each time you need to use anything from the basket. Never under-estimate the amount of irritation you can garner from cluttered spaces.

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Aesthetic Value

You can place baskets as a centrepiece of any room. When strategically placed, they add aesthetic value to the room. You can decorate them to match the effect you want to bring out. For example, suppose your corridor space is looking dull. In that case, you can add colourful ribbons or scarves on your baskets to give that personal touch and add some beauty and colour to the area.

Using baskets for your storage needs also allows you to add a rustic touch to your space and oozes an eco-friendly aura about you.


The versatility of storage baskets is perfect for any home. The bathroom and the kitchen are two of the most sensitive rooms in your house. Because of moisture in the bathroom, using wicker baskets could attract mildew and mould. And in the kitchen, due to stove use, the space above cabinets gets greasy often. It’s a good thing you can get baskets made of modern wire instead. Plus, this variation of baskets is also very easy to clean.

Storage baskets are adaptable, and you can use them for a range of items meaning you can change their use from time to time; they are not limiting.

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Space Utilisation

Space can sometimes be a challenge, whether in the home, office, or car. If you run a restaurant, you would relate with having to move sauces at the end of the day to facilitate cleaning. Imagine having to carry a set of sauces from each table as individual pieces. On the other hand, a basket not only utilises table space by putting everything together, but it’s easier to move around.

Suppose you have an office that handles a lot of paperwork. In that case, filing documents becomes a priority for you. Instead of piling up files on your desk, arranging them in a basket allows you to utilise your desk space better.

If you have small children, you know what it means to have toys strewn all over the floor, making the home prone to tripping accidents. Training your child to pick up after play and arrange his toys in his basket is of added value. The effectiveness of using storage baskets is priceless!

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