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Tired of stains in your sofa? Looking to take good care of your family’s antique armchair? Want your business to look spotless? If so, it may just be time to consider a professional upholstery cleaning.

Whether you’re moving and want your furniture to be in the best condition possible for the property’s next round of tenants, or if you’re just looking to freshen things up in your home or workspace, upholstery cleaning is an important step for improving any property. 

Continue reading to learn about how you can get your furniture cleaned for the best price.

When should upholstery be cleaned?

While how often you clean your furniture is up to personal preference, it’s best to deep-clean upholstery once every 12-18 months to keep everything fresh. If you have young children, pets, or find yourself to be somewhat accident or mess prone, however, it may be best to consider more regular cleanings.

While you may be hesitant to take care of your furniture due to cleaning costs, remember that frequent cleanings can ensure your chairs, sofas, and other pieces last longer. Doing so can therefore help you avoid new furniture purchases and save money in the long run.

Can I clean my upholstery on my own?

It’s certainly possible to clean or otherwise take care of upholstery on your own. Many department and hardware stores temporarily rent out such cleaning equipment for those who may not want to invest in such instruments on a permanent basis. Upholstery covers, furthermore, can also be a smart way to prevent major messes on or damage to your furniture in the first place.

Still, cleaning furniture on your own can often be difficult and time-consuming. The most difficult upholstery stains, furthermore, may require professional know-how and expensive cleaning materials. The wrong cleaning supplies, or supplies used improperly, may even damage upholstery rather than clean it. 

It is for these reasons that many people opt instead to hire a professional for the task, especially before reselling furniture or as part of an end of tenancy cleaning.

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How much does upholstery cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning furniture can depend on many factors, including the size, age, materials and general condition of the upholstery. Prices may also vary based on where you reside in the UK.

While smaller furniture items, such as armchairs and office chairs, may cost around £20-50, you can expect to pay up to £100 for larger pieces such as sofas. If you get a large number of items cleaned at once, the price per item is likely to drop or the cleaners may even charge a lower, bulk price for all items cleaned.

Due to the varying price ranges possible for an upholstery cleaning, it is worth contacting a professional beforehand to ask them their rates, or how much they may charge for your specific upholstery, so that you may be able to get the best bargain for your home, apartment rental, or business. When calling, be sure to be specific about your needs as a landlord, tenant, or as a home- or business-owner.

What about my carpets?

Many people who want their upholstery cleaned professionally may also want the same for their carpets and rugs. While upholstery and carpet cleanings are often considered separate services, many upholstery cleaners may also provide carpet cleaning services. 

As such, it’s worth asking beforehand if you’re looking to have multiple services carried out in your property, especially as some cleaners may offer the services as a bundle.

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