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Every year new and exciting wedding flowers trends emerge, with a key focus on the flowers! Many couples have had to scale back their weddings due to the pandemic, however, it has also inspired couples to go the opposite way and opt for extravagant and bold wedding styles. In many of these cases, the flower arrangements and decor take centre stage as they create a truly magical atmosphere on the big day. The wedding styling is so personal to the couple and there is a new thirst for originality and stepping away from the typical Pinterest wedding scenes. Although the restrictions have now been lifted on weddings, couples have a much smaller guest list than in previous years with a focus on intimacy and personalisation. So, here are some unique ways that budding brides and grooms can incorporate new and creative floral displays into their wedding day.

Floral Jewellery

Flower crowns and corsages are trending within the wedding scene with other members of the bridal party all getting involved. Typically, the bride has only worn floral corsages and these were more popular in the 1940s and 50s. These are becoming increasingly common with the couple’s desire to weave in floral elements throughout the wedding styling, floral jewellery has made a comeback. Bohemian wedding themes have sky-rocketed in recent years with neutral tones, dried floral elements and floaty dresses encapsulating this aesthetic. Flower crowns are very much part of this trend and they can be seen in all different sizes and styles. It has been suggested that couples are focusing more on Instagram-worthy shots so fashion and photography have taken up more of the budget. Styling the wedding dress with floral elements also helps brides elevate their look on the day and get those editorialised wedding images.

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Flower Bars

Couples are also now focusing much more attention on creating an incredible experience for their guests. With Covid getting in the way of plans and fun social activities, couples are now aiming to make their special day an interactive and memorable occasion for everyone. A flower bar is a unique and fun way to keep guests entertained while the couple takes photos or if they are getting ready between the ceremony and reception. Plus, it acts as a great way for them to interact. A flower bar is a small table that is set up with floral wire, floral tape, scissors, wire cutters, and a sign inviting them to create a small bouquet or floral crown. As previously mentioned, floral jewellery is popular at many weddings and this activity allows guests to get involved and uniquely utilises stunning flowers. The flowers used can match those that are included already as part of the floral arrangements or you could opt for simple stems such as eucalyptus, gypsophilia and spray roses. You could take it a step further and hire a talented florist to assist at the flower bar and help the guests create their small bouquets or flower crowns.

Creative Aisle Styling

Aisle styling is not a new trend but couples, wedding planners and floral artists have certainly got more creative and more extravagant with them. Designing a grand entrance alongside the need to get incredible wedding pictures has seen couples getting more daring with the aisle. Ideas such as; using mason jars with flowers, flower cones, mini bouquets tied to the chairs and pedestal arrangements all help bring together a magical floral display that makes the walk down the aisle even more spectacular. Pampas grass is another popular way couples have been crafting the aisle, especially for boho-themed weddings.

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Floral Chandelier

Floral chandeliers are a great way to wow the guests and create an artistic and dramatic effect. Floral installations are a beautiful element to add to a wedding display regardless, but these overhead structures look elegant and showstopping. Floral chandeliers can be placed at the altar, above the dancefloor, as garlands across a tent or dining area and most commonly above the tables. These heightened floral chandeliers have taken the place of table arrangements in many cases. This is due to couples wanting to ensure their guests can interact and chat freely over the meal, instead of having flower arrangements blocking people. The lack of social interaction during the pandemic has meant weddings have become a great occasion for people to connect and elevated floral displays allow this to happen at the table.

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