Understanding And Breaking Into Commercial Maintenance Services


Commercial Maintenance Services

Breaking into commercial maintenance services can be tough, but it can provide opportunities for long-term success. When you think of landing into commercial landscape contracts, it is more about who you know than what you are aware of. The commercial business is based on relationships, so getting into the commercial market is a tough road but it is not impossible. SGB maintenance, Industry experts and contractors say that establishing and maintaining relationships is the simplest way to get into the commercial sector and break into commercial maintenance services. 

By knowing the plus and minus of the industry, presenting themselves professionally and providing work of high quality are important steps for contractors if they would like to make a good impression in the commercial sector. 

The commercial work provides a lot of opportunities for the contractor and it is easy to manage the accounts once you get them. It is a diligent process to penetrate the inner circle of the network and to know someone who knows someone else. 

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Who Is Who?

Face to face networking is very effective. There are other means for contractors to identify the decision-makers for opportunities in the commercial sector. One simple method is to make a call to the reception is at the contractor’s interest in servicing. This gatekeeper will not offer immediate access to the property manager, he will provide the name of the manager and pass along the card of the contractor. Once the contractor’s get the name of the property manager, they can research on their own to find out more about him. Contractors may also request to be added to the properties bid list. 

Another method to identify commercial property managers is to reach out to other contractors who have the same target list. Contractors can also purchase co-star, a service that offers names and contact information for the managers of commercial real estate properties. It cost nearly $4000 per year which is a profitable investment for contractors who would like to hit the ground. Your greatest value to a customer is how you can help to make their life easy. Landing a job comes down to selling the services of the company. 

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Maintaining The Account 

It is just half the battle when landing a commercial account. Contractors have to work then to maintain it. A lot of factors are involved in maintaining a business account, but poor communication is the main reason due to which contractors lose their contracts. You are more likely to lose customers actually due to poor communication than poor work quality. 

A contractor regularly touches base with the clients, but he goes above and beyond also. The contractor hosts Happy Hour events and sports outings, takes clients to the tournaments and sends them Christmas gifts. He also sends a moving crew to help the client who is relocating.


You have spent all the time building the relationships. It is very important to maintain them also. It is a long run away to establish the relationships and if you ignore it then all your contracts land in danger.

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