Underground & In-Ground Trampoline Reviews, Cost & Installation

The in-ground model is the best choice if you don’t want your trampoline to stand out in your backyard. As you can guess from the name itself, these special types of trampolines are installed underground leaving only the frame and the jumping pad above the ground surface. In this article we are going to take on a short review of these best rated trampolines; what they are, how much they cost and how you can install one in your garden.

What are in-ground trampolines?

What are in-ground trampolines

In-ground trampolines are a special type of trampolines that are dug into the ground. The whole body of the trampoline remains underground while the frame and the jumping pad remain visible above the surface. They can be a little hectic to install but we will go to that later on.

These trampolines are much safer than the regular ones that stand on the ground. Elevated platforms are always risky as there is a chance to fall off the trampoline and injure oneself. However, with an in-ground trampoline, these risks are cut out drastically. With the frame and the jumping pad at ground elevation chances to fall off of it becomes much less. If you put up an enclose net around an in-ground trampoline the safety increases hundred-folds. This is the best option if you have kids in the house.

How much do they cost?

How much do they cost
This variety of trampolines cost a little more than the regular ones. This is more due to the installation procedure. Many of you would require hiring a professional to set up the trampoline. However, you can find some cool low budget in-ground trampoline on Amazon, Wayfair or even at Walmart. You can find good deals on such products from time to time. Sometimes you may get lucky and get a free shipping option with your in-ground trampoline. These trampolines come in various shapes and diameters and as such the cost varies. However, if you have a healthy budget for a trampoline we would recommend you to opt for an in-ground model.

How do you install an in-ground trampoline?

Installing an in-ground trampoline can apparently look like a hectic task, but it is not that complicated. You have to give some physical labor or you can hire a professional to get the job done. But for those who like to get their hands dirty, here are the 4 steps to installing an in-ground trampoline:
How do you install an in-ground trampoline
Step 1: Dig a hole in the ground

This is the most important thing. If you get the dimensions of the hole wrong then the whole process can drag on for quite some time. You need to think of more than just digging the hole; you need to think about how deep the hole must be and how you can stabilize it. As for the size of the hole, it has to be a few inches bigger than the trampoline diameter (size).

The standard way to get this done is by digging a hole 10 inches in diameter in order to fit the width of the trampoline. Now what you need to do is dig a smaller hole in the middle as per the size of the sunken trampoline (and the shape too). Do not throw away the soil you just removed; you’ll be needing it later on.

Step 2: Assemble the trampoline

You will need to assemble the trampoline along with its retainer wall above the hole you have just dug. You will find an instruction manual and an installation kit along with every trampoline you buy. From this, you will get the idea of assembling the trampoline. It is quite easy to get done with.

Step 3: Put it into the hole you dug

While doing so make sure that the frame is in level with the surface. It must not be elevated, neither be depressed from the surface level. You will need that soil that you dug up earlier now. You have to use them to fill out the gaps so as to make sure everything is tightly packed all around the trampoline.

Step 4: Finish up with the venting pads

Finally, attach the venting pads to the frame that is if you have got one with your trampoline. Once you are done attaching, you can simply enjoy jumping up and down on it.

All said and done, you might have a good idea about what in-ground trampolines are and how they are safer in comparison to the regular models. With the jumping surface in line with the ground level, the risks are mitigated very much. So go on buy your in-ground trampoline and get it set up for fun, but yes, they would most likely cost more than the regular variants.

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