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5 Major Types of Table Tops to Re-design the Restaurant Ambience

Apart from the food that you serve in your restaurant and the services you offer, its ambiance is another crucial element of the overall dining experience. Lighting options, wall-paints, restaurant chairs and tables, seating layout, figurines, paintings, etc. combine to create an ambiance and set up the theme or tone of your restaurant. Tables are the highlight and centerpiece of any restaurant furniture. The size, type, material, and design of the restaurant tables tell a lot about the restaurant. By thoughtfully selecting a table and coordinating it with the other commercial restaurant furniture items like chairs, partitions, bar-stools, reception desks, booths, etc., you can stand out of your competition.

A restaurant’s tabletop must be large enough to allow your guests to dine comfortably. Generally, providing 2 square feet per client is sufficient to place the cutlery in a table. Before we discuss the types of tabletops, let’s take a look at how its shape affects the dining experience. Depending on your restaurant layout and available space, you can select tabletops from the following shapes:

● Rectangular: Allows seating for large groups and you can join them to accommodate more guests
● Square: Looks classy and provides a more intimate setting
● Round: Encourages conversation but takes up space.
● Half-round: Saves space and adds aesthetic appeal
● Corner-cut or Tapered: Makes it easy to get in and out of the booth.
● Irregular: Helps in creating a modern and creative theme.

Types of Restaurant Tabletops:

Depending on your budget and the dining ambiance you want to create, you can consider from the following tabletops materials:

1. Resin Tabletops

Resin Tabletops

Prepared by mixing resin with a hardener, resin tabletops showcase a crystal-clear, glossy finish. The finished resin tabletops are stylish, affordable, and available in different finishes like walnut, cherry, mahogany, etc. The advanced manufacturing process results in a smooth and reflective surface on these tabletops. These table tops are durable, waterproof, and resistant to heat and scratch. Being a non-porous material, they don’t get stained easily and you can clean them easily with a mild soap solution. Since these tabletops are resistant to UV rays, you can use them outdoors too.

2. Laminate Tabletops

Several layers of plastics bonded together create a solid surface known as laminate. Therefore, these are not advisable for use at cutting and food preparation tables. However, these tabletops are perfect for commercial furniture use for serving food in cafes, pubs, and restaurants. These tabletops are easy to clean and maintain. Despite using plastic, they are prone to stain. Due to the advanced manufacturing process, modern laminate tables are hard-wearing, resilient to scratching, and heat resistant to some extent. Although these tabletops are mostly suitable for indoors, with some modifications, you can use them outdoors too.

3. Granite Tabletops

Since granite offers the natural look of the stone, granite tabletops are a popular choice in many restaurants. Granite tabletops are durable, scratch and heat resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. Rather than buying the whole set, you can buy the granite slabs and get them fitted on the base of your existing table. From Black Galaxy to Giallo Gold, granite tabletops are available in several colors. The visual appeal of a granite tabletop is far superior to marble, synthetic, and laminated tabletops. Additionally, you can use them for indoor as well as outdoor space.

4. Quartz Tabletops

Quartz Tabletops

Made by adding a small quantity of glass or metal in the natural quartz, quartz tabletops have similar quality like granite. Also known as engineered stone, quartz has an attractive appearance and available in a range of colors. These tabletops are durable, resistant to heat and scratch, and suitable for use at indoor as well as outdoor. Additionally, being a non-porous material, quartz tabletops are easy to clean and do not stain. The rich finish of quartz tabletops provides a luxurious and contemporary look.

5. Marmoleum Tabletops

Made from natural materials like linseed oil, wood flour, rosin, pigments, and mineral fillers, Marmoleum tabletops go with every theme in a restaurant. These eco-friendly furniture is easy to clean, use, and maintain. Being a self-healing material, minor scratches on Marmoleum tabletops disappear with time. You can select from different colors and patterns to suit your restaurant’s ambiance. Since Marmoleum is anti-static, these tabletops are easy to keep dust-free, and its bacteriostatic properties inhibit micro-organisms.


Depending on your budget and restaurant ambiance, you can choose from several materials and finishes to provide an exclusive dining experience to your guests. From fine dining to fast foods, from cafeteria to casual dining, the restaurant tabletops mentioned above are easy to clean and maintain. Hopefully, by taking a note of their properties, you will be able to create an elegant appearance in your restaurant without sacrificing functionality or maintainability that will give your restaurant an edge over your competitors.

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