Types of Door Locks Commonly Used On Residential Properties


Types of Door Locks

Security is one of the biggest factors considered by residential property owners. This is especially so given the rise in statistics of burglary, lock picking, and other security threats. As one of the leading locksmiths in the area, Britlock Locksmiths Sydney has been responsible for many residential security lock installations. Due to their experience, they have compiled a list of some of the most commonly used residential door locks. After reading this article, you should be in a better position to choose the best type of door lock for your security needs.

#1 – Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks remain one of the most popular types of locks in the world and they are widely used in many residential properties, especially due to the level of security protection it ensures. Due to the rise in popularity of deadbolts, these lock types have also become a common option in securing commercial properties. Most homeowners are familiar with single cylinder deadbolts which are considered a subset of this door lock type.

While single-cylinder deadbolt locks are common, there are several other types of deadbolt locks that can be used to secure a property, whether commercial or residential. Although used to secure exterior doors such as the front and back entry doors, there is no law stopping you from installing this type of lock inside of your home.
The major reason why most people would not readily consider a deadbolt lock for their interior space is that it doesn’t appear appropriate and there are several other lock types and options which appear more suitable for the task. One of the most important reasons why deadbolt locks are recommended for exterior doors is that they do not make use of the spring-loaded mechanism to work with the bolt, thus making it harder to pick, hence the name ‘dead’.

Deadbolts are among the most popular of secure locks that you will come across and they are available in single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolt lock types. Single-cylinder deadbolts are more commonly used in residential and commercial spaces, however, double cylinder deadbolts are used for added security.

#2 – Door Knob Locks

Door Knob locks remain one of the most commonly used door lock types for residential spaces. Door knobs have become an important part of most of our lives as most people grew up around them or have at some point had an encounter with this lock type. Door knobs are easy to see, easy to install and are mostly recommended for the interior space.

Door knobs are not ideally recommended for external use because they are easy to pick, compromising the security of the home and defeating the purpose of its installation. Doorknob locks buckle easily when force is applied, making it unsuitable for external use as it can be easy to compromise.

Using doorknob locks for interior doors allows you to move from one room to the other and also secure a room from other inhabitants of the residence.

#3 – Cylindrical Lever locks

These are similar to deadbolt locks in that they have become more common in residential and commercial spaces. Most people, however, come across this lock type in commercial spaces. The cylindrical lever locks are gaining traction because they appear to be easier to operate compared to deadbolt locks and also add a feel of aesthetics to the door.
Cylindrical Lever locks
While this lock does not look suited for residential use, if you must choose this lock type, it is recommended that you adopt it for the interior space and not exterior doors. This is the major advantage the deadlock has over it as it can be applied to both interior and exterior doors.

#4 – Mortise Locks

Mortise locksets are similar to cylindrical lever locks and are widely used in both commercial and residential properties. The mortise lockset offers a lot of security benefits to homeowners and this is why most have gone out of their way to have it installed or maintained the existing one. A mortise lock is revered among locks when it comes to strength and security and can only be matched by the strength of the deadbolt lock.

The presence of the mortise lock on the property denotes security as the main feature of such property.

#5 – Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro Cylinder Locks
These are more commonly used in Europe and other countries as the name suggests. Although you will find some of these locks in America, they are rare compared to other lock types. This type of lock is great for securing low profile areas like patios, decks, swimming pool areas and others. The Euro cylinder locks are primarily not suited for exterior use and this is because they tend to wear and tear over time.

#6 – Electronic locks and smart locks

With the world relying more on electronics and the internet, electronic and smart locks are becoming a more popular option for residential properties. While both types of locks strike a feeling of similarity, they are quite different as a smart lock receives a specific set of instructions which leads to the authorization of a user to lock and unlock while an electronic lock does not require a wireless communication for the lock to be engaged or disengaged.

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