Trending Design Ideas on Slim Shaker Cabinets



Truthfully, homeowners haven’t been as optimistic as they are now about the efficacy of traditional cabinets in modern interior design since time immemorial. New data from the kitchen interior design industry shows that 67.4% of homeowners across the US are attracted to shaker-style cabinets, some of the most iconic traditional cabinets. 

Generally speaking, among the most notable traditional cabinet designs, shaker cabinets are the only brand scooped by modern fashion. This article explores their latest model, slim shaker cabinets. 

About Slim Shaker Cabinets

Slim-style shaker cabinets are the most known shaker cabinet designs. Typically, they are constructed from bare wood materials, for example, oak, maple, teak, and mahogany. Nevertheless, you can also find slim shaker cabinets made of man-made materials, including metals, plastics, fiberboard, and laminate materials. 

The overall defining features of slim-style shaker cupboard designs include the following; 

  1. Design Multiplicity

One of the defining factors of slim shaker-style cupboards is based on the fact that they are versatile. Truthfully, unlike the well-known generic shaker cabinets, slim-style shaker cupboards offer limitless possibilities in terms of cabinetry design options. 

Since they are known to feature varieties of cabinet models boasting different traditional and modern aesthetic styles, slim cabinets stand out as remarkably versatile and so, very distinguishable. 

  1. Unmatched Visual Aesthetic Styles

Thanks to their enhanced features, most of which are meant to make them seem more modern than classic, slim shaker cabinets stand out as exceptionally distinguishable. Unlike the majority of classic-fashioned cabinets, the drawers mostly come with industrial décor accessories and fixtures, including glass doors and ceramic or laminate countertops, all of which highlight them as statement-making in terms of visual aesthetic aspects. 

Generally speaking, whether you choose to go for varieties adorned with Asian, European, or African visual aesthetics styling features, slim-style shaker cabinets, regardless of whether or not they are modern-style, will stun you by their uniqueness, most of which is based on their well-crafted visual aesthetic styles.

  1. High-Level Practicality

If you want efficient cabinets that can effortlessly match the aesthetics of both classic and modern interior spaces, go for slim shaker cabinets. Since they are compatible with multiple interior designs, slim-style shaker cabinets are considered as distinguishably flexible and functional. 

Slim shaker cupboards don’t stand out as practical in terms of compatibility with multiple interior designs alone. Thanks to their well-known high-quality material features, the drawers stand out as long-lasting and cost-effective. 

Top-Trending Slim Shaker Cabinet Ideas

#1: Ready-to-assemble (RTA) Slim Shaker Cabinets

RTA cabinets are as of now the most-searched modern kitchen cabinetry designs. With their ever-rising fame, they have become versatile to the extent of featuring cabinet constructions adorned with shaker-style design and aesthetic elements. 

Ready-to-assemble slim shaker cabinets have so far proved the most iconic among a vast majority of RTA cabinets with shaker-style appeal. The drawers are significantly convenient to deal with, thanks to the fact that they are cheap, easy to install, and compatible with numerous interior design aspects. 

#2: Distressed-Style Slim Shaker Cabinets

After shaker cabinets, distressed cabinets are the top-trending traditional-fashioned cupboard models. Arguably, their functional values have seen their distressed appearance being incorporated into a myriad of modern-style cabinet designs. Slim-style shaker cabinets with distressed finishes are some of the latest cabinet designs boasting distressed appearances. 

As expected, distressed slim shaker cupboards boast immense functional values, including durability and ease of usage as well as styling. Another good thing about them is that they are compatible with multiple interior design aesthetic styling features and shades. 

#3: Two-Toned Slim Shaker Cabinets

Have you ever owned or considered owning two-toned cabinets? Well, they are as of now some of the cabinetry designs considered trendier in the global interior design industry. The beauty of two-toned cabinets not only lies on the visual contrast they come with but also in the immense chances they provide when it comes to merging them with a variety of colors and material textures. 

Two-toned slim shaker cabinets are as diverse as shaker cabinets but exceedingly visually captivating and unfathomably functional. You need to know that they exist in a myriad of shapes and sizes, as well as feature tens of different breathtaking colors. For that reason, they can open you to unimaginable possibilities, as far as your quest to find your dream cabinets is concerned. 

#4: Modern Wood Slim-Style Shaker Cabinets

If things go exactly according to the projection of experts in the interior design industry, wood cabinets will become the next big thing as far as cabinet trends are concerned. As of now, they are exceedingly popular, thanks to their long-stint in the industry and proven functional relevance. 

Irrefutably, with unmatched practical capabilities and statement-making visual outlooks, modern wood slim shaker cabinets will more likely overtake a vast majority of natural wood and laminate cabinets to become the top-most best-selling cabinetry designs. 

Tips for Buying Slim Shaker Cabinets

  1. Talk to Experts 

In a bid to get access to slim-style shaker cabinets for sale, you must try as much as you can to consult experts like cabinet design and manufacturing professionals. Like it or not, they can give you substantial information regarding the factors you have to consider when choosing slim shaker cupboards to buy. Here are the things you must bear in mind when seeking expert advice;

  • Your preferences regarding cabinet models and interior design aesthetic styles
  • The interior design features of the interior in which you want to install slim-style shaker cabinets
  1. Conduct Market Research

You must survey the overall cabinet-selling market before paying for any variety of slim shaker cabinets. Truthfully, that is a sure strategy for obtaining information regarding variations in cabinet prices and quality ratings, among other notable factors worth considering in a cabinet-buying journey. 

Thankfully, conducting market research is now more effortless than ever. With multiple cabinet-selling platforms available online, you can conduct market research with the help of any internet-enabled smartphone, laptop, IPad, tabled, or PC.  

Final Thoughts

With shaker cabinets on trend, homeowners everywhere are optimistic about the efficacy of traditional cabinets in modern interior design. As of now, slim shaker cabinets are considered the most popular shaker cabinet designs. Thanks to their highly rated practical values, versatile nature, and unmatched visual aesthetic styles, slim-style shaker cabinets are set to become the best-selling cabinetry designs for many years to come.  

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