Tree Removal – How Much Does It Cost To Remove Small To Large Trees

Before we discuss the cost of removing large or small trees within the Australian jurisdiction, we need to appreciate that there are multiple components involved in tree removal and obviously therefore, your costs would depend on the precise scope of work that you hand out to a tree removal professional. Broadly, tree removal would encompass the following components:-

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree felling/lopping
  • Tree removal
  • Mulching
  • Land clearing
  • Stump removal/grinding

When a tree is sought to be removed entirely, your tree removal service can employ special equipments and/or techniques so that the job is executed without causing damage to your property as well as the property of your neighbours. Similarly, when large trees are involved, trained and experienced personnel will climb up the tree and chop down gradually so that no damage is caused to your property. Breaking up and removing the stump filling the cavity resulting from the tree removal is another part of the job. The final part of a tree removal assignment is clearing all the debris and leaving your premises clean and safe.

Tree Removal

Understand Local Regulations

In most Australian jurisdictions, you may need a council permission before you can remove one or more trees. There can be certain protected species and if you need to remove such trees from your premises, you may need to provide evidence of the tree being diseased and poses a danger to your property. Council may also direct you to get a qualified arborist to inspect such tree/s and provide his report.

No License Required For Tree Removal Services

Arborists or tree removal services are not required to have any license across Australia. However, you should ensure that such service providers do possess the following:-

  • Insurance against public liability
  • Relevant qualifications like certificate II in Horticulture/Arboriculture for ground as well as climbing work and certificate III in Arboriculture/Horticulture for personnel supervising climbing work.

Further, a membership of recognized professional association such as Arboriculture Australia is desirable since such members are more likely to keep themselves updated with latest developments in the field.

Cost of Tree Removal

The following factors will determine the cost of tree removal across Australia:-

  • Location
  • Size
  • Difficulty/ease of access
  • Safety precautions needed
  • Stump removal
  • Red tape/permits
  • Council fee where applicable

Considering the above factors, broadly the following is the indicative cost of tree removal

  • Trees 6 meters high with narrow trunk
  • Trees 8 meters high having substantial trunk requiring use of safety equipment and chainsaw including removal of the cuttings.

Apart from the above costs, an arborist’s report when required will cost you about $100 for up to 5 trees and $25 for every additional tree.

You should also appreciate that often times tree removal is a dangerous task and professional services are always desirable while considering small to large tree removal cost.

Getting the Quotes

While getting the quotes for tree removal, you should take care to get them from professionals who are qualified and insured. Online quotes tend to be the accurate means of gaining an idea of your cost. However, you should describe the task as completely as you can so that the quote is as realistic as possible. For trees located in the midst of yard with no danger to your property or the neighbour’s property is likely to cost you less compared to a tree that has branches overhanging the roof. Small details like this can significantly impact your cost and therefore you should list out all that you can think of so that there is no disappointment when the service provider inspects the tree/s in person. Even the prices we have mentioned above are merely indicative and your final cost can move up or down depending on individual circumstances.

Alternatives To Tree Removal

In certain situations, you may be in a position to consider certain alternatives to tree removal that can be less expensive, save the tree and contribute positively to the environment. Tree trimming and tree transplanting are among such options.

Alternatives To Tree Removal

Tree Transplanting

Before deciding on tree removal, you can consider transplanting the tree within your property. This way, you can mitigate risks to your property, and yet save thriving tree or trees in the process. A tree removal service can study the suitability of the option. The process of tree transplanting is best left to the professionals since home owners will lack the necessary expertise as well as equipments.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Another option before you is tree trimming. Tree trimming or tree pruning can even be a DIY job when you have the necessary knowledge and equipments to undertake the task. You should however remember that the exercise can consume significantly more time than you would imagine. In certain circumstances, you may also be available to complete the task in multiple instalments. Major benefits of tree trimming include aesthetics, safety and health.


There may be situations where tree trimming may strategically be necessary to prevent potential infections. By pruning down the crown the air flow can be improved and particularly so, when the branches rub together or cross together. To enhance safety, these branches may be removed too.


Broken and dead branches pose a major safety risk since they could fall without notice and damage expensive possessions or even hurt you or your loved ones. Further, these branches can also be a safety hazard while driving and if they are obstructing vision when you are driving, they should be remove without any delay. Another safety aspect is branches growing too close to utility lines and if this happens, you are better off calling personnel from utility companies to take charge and remove such branches.


When trees are effectively pruned, it brings about great appearance and shape. But, your focus should be on maintaining the natural size and shape. Excess pruning/trimming can cause great damage to the tree.

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