Transforming Your Dorm Room Into a Place That Brings Happiness

Nothing beats the thrill of living on your own. Even the tiniest of rooms give you a sense of independence. But, the first time you step into your own place, it may not be the happy dorm you envision.

The interior design can be very scarce, with limited décor and a lack of personality. That’s where little touch-ups here and there will go a long way. If you are looking for some cool tips on how to design your dorm, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve selected some of the most creative décor options that will transform your boring dorm into a happy dorm. Besides, you may even use these decorating tips as inspiration when looking for various internet essay topics. Some even talk about how you can decorate appropriately.

8 Tips to Design Your Dorm to Reflect Your Style

Get Plenty of Greenery

To plan a happy dorm, you first have to make the place feel like home. You need to add a personal flair. Something that will perfectly replicate your unique style. If you are looking for some decorating tips or how to make flattering interior design, you’ve probably looked for some internet essay topics.

There are a lot of essays on the internet that cover such topics. But, if you are looking for some concrete, you might even be surprised at how helpful they can be with your decorating ideas. All the information on modern tech and the global network can give you a unique insight that you can use when planning your dorm theme.

With that out of the way, here are some interior décor tips that will fit any budget.

Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

The first thing you’ll notice when you get inside is that dorm rooms are packed. There is not enough space to fit all of your belongings. Instead of cluttering up the living space, pick furniture that will fit anything.

Choose an ottoman, for example. You can use it as a tea table, small desk, seat, and storage. Options such as these will definitely come in handy.

Liven Up the Place With a Cool Rug

When guests come in, your room should feel warm and welcome. That’s where rugs come into place. Instead of having to walk with cold feet, you can warm yourself with a fuzzy rug. Of course, to design your dorm rug, you don’t have to be boring. Instead, you can get as creative as you’d like.

Pick a pattern, choose a color, feel the material, and select the one that best resonates with you. If you are living in colder climates, pick a puffy one. But, if you prefer to add texture instead of too much warmth, select a thin modern wool rug that will complement the room.

Get Plenty of Greenery

Reflect Your Style

According to the National Institutes of Health, investing in indoor greenery will make you happier, more productive, and even boost concentration. The more plants you have in the dorm, the less stressed you would feel. Do you need any more than that?

Decorate the dorm hutch with as much greenery as you can. Pick the ones that are easy to care for, so you’d have fewer things to worry about.

Get Cheerful Bed Sheets

Make the color pop. To do that, pick vibrant hues like green or yellow. This will turn your place into a happy dorm everyone will enjoy.

If you have no clue what to get, there are some essays about the internet you can use as an inspiration to pick a theme. Remember, the key is to disguise the dark and boring colors and give yourself something you would look forward to.

Frame Family Heirlooms and Photos

If you want something to remind you of home, you should frame everything you got. That includes photos, books, paintings, and heirlooms. If you are missing your old room, you can take some décor items from there and frame it in your dorm.

Include Your Roommate In Your Planning

Instead of designing the room all to yourself, inspire your roommate to participate. By coordinating your ideas, you will create something that will far exceed your expectations. Besides, not everyone has the same taste in furniture.

So, ask your roommate for an opinion. See if you can blend your style with theirs. This will help you create a happy dorm for both you and them.

Plus, you can check out some internet essay topics if you’d like, particularly if you are looking for a theme. Sometimes stepping out of the box can help you set your mind elsewhere and help you find the inspiration you are looking for.

Add Some DIY Décor

DIY Décor

If you want to save money, but still get creative, it’s hard to go wrong with DIY. Plus, the more you work in your room, the homier it will feel. So, express yourself with some removable stickers, paintings, wall hangings, or anything you can come up with. With it, you can turn even the most mundane furniture into something unique.

Invest in Functionality

Don’t just buy stuff that looks good. Get it so that you can use it. That’s why it’s a good idea to get some functional furniture, like a mirror, for example. It will give the illusion of a bigger place.


In a nutshell, it’s very easy to add some cute accents to your room, as long as you make it comfy. Plus, you don’t have to spend the money right away. You can save up and start small. With DIY projects, you can even save hundreds of bucks and still get décor to die for.

What kind of décor tactics do you plan on using for your dorm room? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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